Saying goodbye.. for now

Happy Thanksgiving. Unlike me, I hope you are all enjoying your family and friends. I sat down today and put everything in front of me. I don’t know how I am going to do this. I can pay my rent for December and then… who knows. Obviously I can’t call creditors today, so I am canceling things I can do online.

I closed the pay pal account and canceled reoccurring charges, one being Open Diary. Yes its only $4, but I have to learn to do without. It’s funny, I’m sure Patty will make a nasty comment even with knowing I went out of my way for her to never have to worry about money issues. My sister will start annoying me with calls and texts about how easy it is to find a job, never once having lost one and always being handed hers. Her husband will say shit too, eventhough he was handed a living from his father.

No one will offer help but will tell me how I am doing something wrong. I busted my ass all year and I will be screwed out of my Christmas bonus which would have been given to me in a week.

Well, fuck me all to Hell.

I have a few weeks left before OP locks me out, so hopefully I will have some good news, if not thank you all and hopefully I will be back in a few months and you will still be here.

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2 weeks ago

I for one will miss you if you aren’t here.

2 weeks ago

We will miss you a lot.

Is there anything I can do to help?

2 weeks ago

I’ll miss you, but have hope for that good news, before you are locked out….

1 week ago

I am hopeful you will find a job and find a way…