Something different osteoarthritis

So does anyone have osteoarthritis? I believe I have it with my knees and lower legs.

Lately because I am more active my leg pain has been horrible. Sharp pains that seem like my bone is on fire. Like lose your balance because your leg refuses to work or take weight.

I do have bone on bone knees and bone spurs, but lately it’s been horrible.  Is there some wonder cure that helps control the pain? I do the heat, cold, elevate, tiger balm stuff but they don’t seem to work.

Can’t afford replacement but wondering about artoscopic. Anyone have story, solution, tricks????

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August 19, 2023

Hie thyself to the health food store & stock up on tart cherry capsules & hyaluronic pills.  Take 1 tart cherry & 2 hyaluronic acid in the morning; repeat in the evening.  This regime kept me mostly pain free for 3 years until I could get the knee replacement, & they are keeping me pain free now because I refuse to get the other knee fixed — I’d have to go into rehab, aka nursing home, where Covid & RSV & Lord knows what all else is just rampant.

August 19, 2023

Man, it’s just so hard living with constant pain.  It’s depressing, I know.  I don’t have any solutions…I wish I did.  Bone on bone sounds very painful!!

August 19, 2023

no clue friend.  I hope you find solutions though!