The day after

I don’t feel right. It’s nothing to do with Patty either. I just do not feel right.

I’ve always felt like I don’t fit in, I have since childhood. I’m never comfortable in situations. Not at home, at work, or out in the public. My body doesn’t work as it should and I honestly check the box on everything a man dreads. I’m bald, fat, and out of shape. I am below average in areas and things don’t work anymore. It’s heart-wrenching as a man to find out the “pills” and supplements do not help whatsoever. It didn’t help that I was experiencing all this when she left me and how it went down.

What little energy and determination I had all went away with the nervous breakdown I went through in the 1st year of the separation/divorce. The loss of support has all but killed it.

I have made great strides with things, the reason I am still on this side of the ground, but at my core, I am less than a man.

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7 days ago

I love your last line and how you are acknowledge that you have done well for yourself, in someway since your divorce.

And remember…no one is perfect, some may think it or act like they are, but we all have our issues. I am overweight. I don’t have a degree/diploma and there is so much that I want but don’t know how to get it or just struggle to get it. But I know it is life and there is some good in me, which I am sure there is in you too 😘

6 days ago

You’re being hard and critical on your self in this entry

What do you love about yourself?