Was it right or wrong?

I’ve been bopping back and forth with a potential job. At first the money lured me into considering it, but I ultimately turned it down.

It was selling accidental death insurance. Personally I think that it is a very good company. There was also hospital stay payments like Afflec offers. Over all 4 sales a week would gave making more money then I have ever made.

On the other side though, I would have to get an insurance license, which would be around $400 and since I don’t have one, a decent lap top, so another $500ish. The job is 100% commission, no draw, so no sale, no money.

I decided that I am too old with too many problems to do something like this. Also, unemployment is weird and if I took this job it would screw it all up and then I would be SOL. There was a very scared little boy in me afraid of change that is too afraid to take this much of a risk too.

So I passed on it, for what I really thought and considered good reasons. Now I am sitting here feeling like a failure once again.

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3 weeks ago

If it makes you feel any better, I would without a doubt passed on it too.  The expense you were going to have to come up with for one.  The uncertainty being another.  IMO you did the right thing.

3 weeks ago

@happyathome Thank you

3 weeks ago

You made a good decision passing on this.

3 weeks ago

100% commission is A LOT of pressure…I don’t blame you.

3 weeks ago

Yeah. Like I said, a younger man’s game. Maybe if I didn’t have kids or any real attachments.

I did allow myself to fantasize being able to do this job anywhere, the work at home aspect. It’s always the right thing at the wrong time…