Well that all went to shit

For all the work and everything it all just fell to shit thus afternoon with just one text from the ex.

The confidence I thought I found.

The understanding I thought I came to.

All gone. Back to square one. Back to the lonely loser with absolutely nothing to show for it. I’m just going to sell everything other than essentials and just exist. Give the boys all the money I don’t need for bills and gas. Then maybe I will be worth something to people around here.


OK there I whined and cried and will enjoy my “poor me” night with cigarettes and j7nk food and be better in the morning.

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August 6, 2022

What did your ex wife say to you?

August 6, 2022

@wildrose_2 Honestly, I don’t really want to talk about it. She’s just become the usual ex wife remaking history to suit her needs. You know she was the victim and she had to cheat and take everything and financially ruin me. Then she assumes, like most of them do, that I am living the high life and rolling in cash. Nothing she did caused anything bad for me.