What my life has become

I hate what my life’s become. The only thing I have to turn to is a web site. No close friends, no close family. Can’t talk to my sons about my sadness. Got a job that will burn me out in about 2 weeks.

No one cares.

My employees see me throwing myself into saving the place they suck money from and they have no sense of loyalty or decency to see me struggling and want to help.

I can’t work a second shift… boo hoo

I didn’t sign up for that.. waa waa

I can’t push the issue or I’ll wind up working 24 hours several days a week, so I have to bend over and take it. Of course everyone not involved call me a pushover.

“I’d fire them on the spot”

Yeah, these are the same ones who told me it was nothing when I lost Patty and the only life I had. When I lost everything.  No one remembers the sacrifice and time and effort, just what they wanted. Patty nuked my life for a little more money and stuff. Took away the relationship I wanted with my kids.

You know sometimes eventhough you know you gave it your all and did it right, it would be nice to have someone give you a pat on the back.

I don’t even have that…


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September 19, 2023

I’m sorry things are so tough and you aren’t finding any comfort in the new job, apartment, etc.¬† I hope good things for you

September 21, 2023

Yes, a pat on the back would be nice every now and then.  Everyone needs positive reinforcement sometimes.