What’s right, what’s wrong

Part of my divorce settlement was that I was to pay child support and my ex was supposed to give me 10k for my part of the home we had. Now my half would have been 35k, but being the push over I am, I agreed to walk away from the 25k for the kids needs and home fixing.

Needless to say, I have been working poor since day 1. I also took on our debts also. I left 20k in debt and she left with 2 incomes, a mortgage free home and a fresh start. So here is situation…

I haven’t been able to be consistent with the child support. There is qnd has been weeks where I just didn’t have money left. She has never made the effort to give me what she agreed on, which in all honesty would have given me a fresh start to build on and I could have been on top of everything.  Well in her “world” she doesn’t owe me anything because of the lack of support eventhough she kept over 25k that should have been given to me.

So, am I once again the bad guy? People have all sided with her saying the support is for the kids. Yet WTF is she doing with the money I left on the table, well besides the trips, vacations, new household items and her “wedding to the new guy”.

Yet again I sound like a victim, but really, I was the loser in all of this. My life was totally changed. 30 years of living, dreams, blood, sweat, and tears erased in less than a day. No, I can’t afford a lawyer, see above for the answer.

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4 weeks ago

This has to be so frustrating!  You can’t give what you don’t have, but honestly if she owes you 10k then I don’t see how she can say anything about what you aren’t able to give her.