Not Too Shabby

Still haven’t been anywhere as productive as I should be. But getting closer. I finished an episode today that I really like. I think the last one was better content but this one better produced. I did something a bit different and told a story.

I was inspired to get the story out with sufficient detail but be able to move it along swiftly as at the same time. I added lots of sounds to accentuate the scenes and actions I described.

I think I’m going to do a few more in a similar format. I’d like to wait until I have more done before I really start to upload on popular platforms or activity market. I’m not even sure who my audience will be. I doubt it will be the same as the bit of following I have on Insta. Who knows.

I really want to be lazy tonight and…. I just realized what time it is. I need to go. Everyone have a wonderful evening and a great weekend 👋

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