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Oh so busy in the last few weeks.  I started NP school at SLU; I kinda had to after Matt’s grandma offered to pay for the WHOLE THING.  Insanity, I know.  She’s apparently afraid that she’s going to keel over sometime soon so she wanted me to start as soon as possible.  So far I am less than impressed with SLU’s program though.  I just had my first Advanced PathoPhys test last week.  It’s a online course, as are all my classes, so it was proctored by an online proctor service.  That’s all well and good, except that the entire test was RIDDLED with spelling errors.  One of the questions was even repeated verbatim, but with different answers the second time, answers that made no sense whatsoever.  I mean, we’re paying all this money to go to this school, the least the instructor could do is proofread the friggin test!  It was embarrassing.  So an online, 50 question multiple choice test…it’s four days later and I still don’t have my grade yet.  UNACCEPTABLE.  I’m beginning to think I made the wrong choice for NP school…

Anyway, wedding plans are coming along.  We have our date, we have our venue, we have pretty much everything done except sending out the invitations.  I should be getting my dress in next month and then I’ll be going through the process of getting it fitted and whatnot.  Oh!  Here’s my dress btw:

So yes, lotsa stuff going on right now.  I would post pics of the wedding, but apparently OD’s shutting down?  Oh well!  Instead, here are some pics from our engagement photo session in New Orleans (where we’re getting married):

That’s one good lookin’ dude, if I do say so myself.  How did I get so lucky??  🙂

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