Just a giant child

Today’s ponder isn’t so fascinating maybe.   I’m laying here listning to a podcast – designed for kids, and i’m loving it.  I’m surrounded by most of my stuffed bunnies, though my favourite is upstairs being fixed by my mom who i’m visiting for the week.  I litterly love my bunny to pieces, so she needs more patches.

Tuesdays are cartoon days.  I have toys at home.  My streaming service of choice is disney plus.  After I write I will curl up with my YA novel and read before my 930pm bed time.  So yup i’m such a giant kid.  I don’t even care anymore.  I used to be ashamed of it, try and hide that side of myself, keep my bunnies hidden, not tell people what books I was reading or shows I was watching.  But lately, I don’t care.  For bed time stories I enjoy well my sleep time one is “be calm on ahway island” which is targeted at kids who still nap… so that young upto… well probably my soon to be 10 year old cousin would think most of what I listen to is babyish…  I go a little older with books…  teen reads mostly…  Shows…  cartoons and some stuff aimed at teens…. As for stuff for my own age?  very little.

News to see what’s going on in the mornings, I really do like my cyber security report b/c I’m into tech… The ocasional show or book… like I was totally into game of thrones, waiting for the books still…  they’re making a show out of the wheel of time books, i will totally watch that (i’m not much into tv).  Oh and Dr who.  big dr who fan.

On the other hand apparently some sailor moon movies are comming out.  I’m still a little emarassed about liking that as it was a big special interest for me in 9th grade, and i had to get rid of that to fit in at all… but now as an adult knowing that i’m autistic, i need to get over past embarassements and embrace myself.  So i’m sure when it comes out next month i’ll find a way to watch it… (netflix, and i’m on disney plus… but i’ll figure it out).


Hmmm… question for today… how often, if ever do you find yourself chewing/sucking on things? fingers, pens, jewlery… how common is that?  i got myself a chewlry necklace so i would stop biting my hand…. (and i love it!)

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May 14, 2021

I have a friend who is also my former neighbour she is almost 27 and she too is autistic. Anyhow she still watches Disney stuff geared to kids and teens. She has kept all of her babysitters club book series as well. Plus she still likes to Color as well. I like to read young adult books such books by Lurlene MvDaniel and at one point I even read the old clique book series which was later made into a movie which I used to own on DVD. So here I am old enough to be someone’s mother and aunt and I still have stuffed cats on my dresser

Hey you do you! Whatever makes you happy is no one else bizz! I am watching Jessie on D+ right now lol

I do tend to stick my tumb in my mouth alot since I was little never broke the habit I guess. I do it if I am really thinking hard or watching something scary on the telly or sometimes if I forget my mouth G I’ll end up with my tumb in my mouth but once in a while I bite it in my sleep and it hurts like a bitch lol

May 15, 2021

I am 52 and love Japanese anime. It’s just a release for me, I guess. I’m also a big Disney fan.

There’s nothing wrong with holding on to simpler times, which is what I think I do through my hobbies.