Maybe its sensory overload

My head hurts and I feel woozy.  It started when I turned on my light in my room at my mom’s.  It flickers and it made noise.  plus she brought her ticking clock out that she had put away while i visited.  All those noises.  then her husband turned on the vacuum and i had to cover my ears until i could get my headphones.  I wonder how many times that i feel yucky it’s caused by a sensory overload reaction, but the pains shows in an acceptable way.  My head hurts or i feel nauseated/yucky is acceptable.  That light is too loud does not tend to be socially acceptable.  And now that I’m allowing myself to feel things and not hide/mask… I wonder how much of my life there were sensory issues that were painful that I masked as causes of more societally acceptable things (even fear would be better than pain).

Home tonight, so much more control over my environment again.


I don’t have a good question thought up for you all tonight…  How about hearing strange things… I can hear the tv when it’s on… that seems ok normal, except i’m talking about when nothing is playing.  when someone just left it on with the chrome cast, or especially the old school crt tvs (non flat screen), when we left it on the vcr channel (yup way back in the day).  I’d come home, the tv was down a flight of steps and on the other side of the house.  And i’d turn to my parents and say “dad left the tv on again” (cause it was always him).  And I was always right.    Anyone else hear things that people don’t expect/believe they do?

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May 16, 2021

My former autistic neighbour could hear the city bus coming miles away before it arrives at its designated bus stop

May 17, 2021

I have ADHD which is supposed to have some overlap with Autism and I can hear the frequency of electronics and things. Like very high frequencies. I can tell if the power is out too. So strange I guess I thought everyone could hear that.

May 22, 2021

Hey I deleted my OD  sub since I was getting bored of writing in it so if you want to keep in touch with me on Facebook you can. Also my stories can be be found and commented on