4 weeks…

… and counting until the next phase of life starts.

8 weeks of hard work.

8 weeks of learning.

8 weeks of studying and sleepless nights, exams and worry.

I put my official resignation in at my current job today. This whole thing is a big step outside my daily routine, a huge change for my family.

Thankful for an incredible husband who is kicking ass, taking names, working hard AND being so supportive.


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April 13, 2018

Sounds pretty good to me.


April 13, 2018

Well done. I just read your last entry. 60 hours is crazy. And I’m heart broken (in a remote none connected to you in  any real sense way) that you won’t attend your daughters graduation or see your family. These things are really important.

April 13, 2018

@danielle_4 It wasn’t an easy decision. It’s impossible to balance out once-in-lifetime events like this training and seeing my daughter graduate. I’ve agonized for hours. I’m grateful for the full support my family is offering me during this. You’re right, these things are important and while I won’t be there physically, my daughter knows ill be right there with her when she crosses that stage and (hopefully) tuning in through the live video my husband will be shooting.