There are so many rude people out there in the world I have realised… from people you meet to people who elbow through crowds. Then there are those that walk backwards… straight into you then glare at you like it was alllll your fault.

I used to be rather meek about that sort of stuff. Used to utter a quiet giggle and apologise (even if it really wasn’t my fault). Now I’ve started to speak up a bit. The odd "Excuse me?" usually elicits a response… I now toot that car that sits at the green light for longer than 3 seconds just because she MUST finish applying her mascara. Sometimes I get the finger and rather than silently fuming under my breath i’ll drive next to them and shoot them a look.

Today I cleared a few really revolting people off my fave’s list. Glad to be done with. Rude, rude rude people. You’ll all know well enough who you are. Can’t speak up and tell me there is a problem??? Ahhhh of course… well you have a nice life then ok?

What else makes me angry? Indecisiveness. Yep… My sister has been indecisive for most of her life. Can’t make up her mind what to do or where to go… When she finally DID make the move to travel overseas we were all rather dumbfounded.

How can it be so damn hard to make up your mind, then stick to it? Why are so many of my friends stuck in a non-commital phase that renders them helpless? Bah… I might have once backed off without saying anything and then silently fumed to other people, now I actually confront them and try to find out why it IS such a problem…

The heat is making me vent my ire. The children are spitting water at each other outside… Sacha tipped a jug of water on my dining room carpet… Mike is in a filthy mood in the lounge because I called him out for being irritating. No… irritating isn’ thr word. Harsh? Yep, that’s it. Lately he’s been harsh… to everyone. I knwo it’s hot… HELLO? I’m here too as hot as the next person. Our house is mimicking a sauna very effectively lately. The fan spins and shoots out hot, musty air… BUT pissing me off by raising your voice and banishing the kids to their bedrooms for relatively minor offenses really shits me. They’re kids… they’re hot… they handle it just about as well as we do. SO now if he tries to get all pissy I’m just gonna tell him to sit down… unless I think his raised voice is warranted.

What really peeved me? The fact that my mother didn’t want me coming around last night for my uncles last night in Melbourne was pretty much it. The previous invite for a BBQ was thwarted at the very last moment when she decided that she didn’t want to kids coming over. "It’s too hot." NOOOOOOO KIDDING? AT least SHE has air conditioning. We had to suffer the heat all on our own. The there was the invite to go up the Marysville for NYE. One of my dad’s clients (and long time friends) owns a massive hotel up there and periodically he inites us up. Mum thought it a great idea to invite me up (in the place of my brother who had chosen to stay in Melbourne for NYE) and then change her mind 10 minutes later. Now if i’d never been invited I wouldn’t have gotten my hopes up… But it REALLY gets my goat when an invite is cancelled because someone has changed their mind. Pffft.

I just got called out by my mother. She rang from Marysville to say hi and explain why she didn’t want me over last night for that BBQ. I told her it wasn’t appreciated since I hadn’t cooked anything in anticipation of dinner at hers. In her best "you understand" (no I don’t) voice she told me that Anni and David needed a quiet night alone. Ahhhh that’s it. Cool. So I probably won’t see them for 2 or 3 years but hey, that’s cool. Then she asked me how I was coping today. Today? Ohhhhh lovely. It’s 42 (108) degrees… I’m coping like anyone else would cope. With sweat dripping down my face and my patience wearing thin. I told her I was contemplating going to a NYE party…

"Without Mike????"

"Yes Mum, without Mike. It’s one of my nursing friends. They don’t want 2 kids coming so it’s kind of difficult since we do’t have a babysitter…"

"But how can you want to go without Mike?"

"Well Mum, it’s not like I WANT to go without Mike, it’s more that this is how our life is… we can’t go out together since we never get any volunteers for sitting, therefore we are forced to go out seperately."

At this point I really felt like rubbing the salt in. You know, the bit about Mike and I not having gone out to dinner in 18 months… or the fact that our 1 year wedding anniversary will no doubt be spent at home whilst we twiddle our thumbs.

But I didn’t. Instead I wished her a Happy New Year and hung up.

So I’m hot and just pissy. I felt like venting a little.

I didn’t think I’d submit 3 entries on one day… but when there is nothing else to do but wander aimlessly around your volcanic residence in the hope that someone or something will save you… it’s really the only thing to do.

Happy NYE!!!!!



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December 30, 2005

Oooh…Who did you cut off and why??? As for your mum, I can’t believe she did that to you. That’s just not cricket…

December 30, 2005

Wow! I know what you mean I had one of those pissy moods yesterday! And the heat, I can’t imagine that helping. It’s like you’re in hells oven. Well I hope things get better and you get to go out. That should help with the irritability. ::hugs::

December 31, 2005

oh vee, hope you have a fab 2006 anyway, and hope your feeling a little cooler..

I’m sorry if I hurt u by rubbing the fact bout the air conditioners in yr face. Actually we wouldn’t have thought of asking, but our neighbour did. The 2 houses r owned by the same couple. Yr landlord won’t consider it I spose? Thats a bummer of yr Mum being so insensitive. It would’ve been nice if she’d offered. God! I’d do it if I lived closer. Hang in there, only 1 more day then bck to coolness

Maybe go to the pool & plaza tom? When the kids were smaller & we had no air conditioner, specially on the wkends, if W. wasn’t working, would go to the Plaza’s & just wander round 4 ages, just to keep cool. Maybe wear damp clothes might help too. Wish I could do more….((Refreshing Hugs))

December 31, 2005

lord what is it with mothers? oh hnag on… we are mothers too… shite!

December 31, 2005

Hope you have a nice NYE night and a happy new year. This too shall pass…

December 31, 2005

Ew! SOMEone needs some cold air and a night away from the family. I am now on your side for going out! LOL Hopefully the place will be air conditioned. Your mom is acting like a jerk. I hope she realizes it and fixes it. Happy New Year.

December 31, 2005

Two things I just realized… 1. We are mother’s too! Oh God no… I hope I don’t act that way to my kid(s). 2. I didn’t ask you who you cut off and what happened! Leave me a private note or email me and let me know! You know how I love the juicy gossip! Want me to kick their a**es? 🙂 I will SO do it for you!

December 31, 2005

I have little ones and can’t go out and party also. I hate the thought of being alone on NYE, so we have our own little family party. If it would be ok on any other night and you don’t see what the big deal is, then go on another night or appreciate that your man is willing to be alone with the kids on NYE while you go out. There arn’t that many men that wonderful out there.

Sounds like yr landlord is from hell! What an a*hole. Ppl like that shouldn’t own houses. Doesn’t the law suck?! Hoping u r keeping cool!

December 31, 2005

happy new year! hope the weather calms down soon, you guys in melb are worse off, down in syd we mostly have air conditioners, not that they do much :/

December 31, 2005

Happy New Years bella *hugs* And yes, people are stupid. And rude. And inconsiderate. Stupid people.

December 31, 2005

I’m in one of those pissy moods today — just glad the shops aren’t open, cos when I’m in a pissed off mood, anyone who elbows me or cuts me off gets more than an “Excuse Me!!!” Mothers!!!! That’s all I am going to say, otherwise I will launch into a 50 note tirade LOL!!!

December 31, 2005

Hope the weather is cooler today — 42 is hideous!!!!!!!!!

December 31, 2005

ouch, Vee, I would be totally p*ssed at your mum as well. Beyond P*ssed, actually. coffee – I am a bit stuck for transport this week cos I’m car shopping, and will be borrowing friends’ cars left, right and center – do you think we could meet Vic Gardens shopping centre? they have a Gloria Jeans there, who, we all know, have the best coffees (or hot chocolate in my case).

December 31, 2005

plus if you want next w/e I can sit the girls for a night? Tumba is at his dads, so having the two of them won’t be too much! oh, and Pretzel is her nickname irl, so it’s not just me going crazy with the codename thing lol

December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!!! I hope 2006 brings you all the wealth, health, love, happiness and success that you deserve…

January 1, 2006

owww… i’d be pissed off too. im a bit the same with confronting annoying people. i used to giggle n say sorry… but not so much anymore, thank work for that one. really helps you deal with all different sorts….

January 2, 2006

hehe vent away!

January 3, 2006

thankyou for your note, I know pro ana sites can be dangerous, but i think maybe im bored with them anyway, theyre all the same and still havent changed from like 2 years ago! take care (indecisive ppl ARE annoying I agree)