Ground Control

My head is kinda like a flight control tower right now. I have this constant mess of action going on right now and in the midst of it all I hear the rational and calm side of my brain carefully controlling the chaos. This is what being an adult with ADHD is like: your mind races – thoughts, ideas and to-do lists get mixed up with what you need to buy from the grocery store and how to resolve issues at work. That’s not even the sum of it either. That’s the neat version. My mind isn’t neat (most of the time) BUT I do have this surprising voice of reason, logic and calm that seems to put the anxiety and craziness on hold occasionally.

I finish work this week with the retail company. That’s a blessing in disguise. But the new company training has been moved up by a week so I have to organize the family and pack and get all my “stuff” done within a week. At this moment that feels a bit overwhelming but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. More than anything the two months away from home is messing with my headspace (so to speak).

I’ve kinda sabotaged my diet. When I say diet I don’t mean “fad diet,” I mean healthy eating lol. For me stress turns into cravings and my willpower  crumbles. Ugh.

All this thinking about he next couple of months is a bit much. Back to my lists!!!

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April 24, 2018

Good luck plowing your way through it all! Lists help me immensely, these days 🙂