Mildly knackered….

It’s current 34 degrees in my neighbourhood. I just checked cable weather for my area. It’s stinking stinking hot and there is only hot air traipsing through my house. I have all fan’s on but what I wouldn’t do for an airconditioner right now… that would just make my world!

In an attempt to cool myself (and Tylah) down, I took her to the Monash Pools. They have a wicked cool wave pool there and we had much fun splashing and half drowning ourselves under the waves. Once we emerged (looking like 2 red eyed, drowned rats) we sat in the spa for a little while until we decided that it was time to get out. We got changed and headed to the cafeteria for a nice, cold bottle of water and a salad wrap. Mum (who also came along so she could do some exercises in the hydrotherapy pool) and I shared one because they were so huge. I’ve cut all my portion sizes in half and if I’m still hungry I drink glasses of water. The only indulgence I’m allowing myself at the moment is my nightly scoop of fat free sorbet. It gives me that sweet kick that I need…. it’s yummm.

Now I’m sitting in my revoltingly hot house (which is actually clean, neat and tindy – woohoooo!), having 3 conversations on MSN (Jase, Em and *K*) and contemplating running under the sprinkler with my 2 very hot kids…

But I can’t really be stuffed, ugh.

Oh my Blue Heelers paycheck finally came through… I was totally stoked… $270 odd dollars for 1 and a half hours work. Very very nice. Of course that included the two kids, but still… all we had to do was chat with the other extras and swot a few blowflies, lol.

Anyway I can’t be bothered typing… I’m all sluggish


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December 28, 2005
December 28, 2005

Ohmigod, I get mentioned by NAME!!!! Wheeee!!!! I’M *K* !!!! Wheeee….. Hey, I’m stinking hot and bored out of my MIND as well. The pools sounds nice, is that Monash in Clayton that you’re talking about? (or is there an actual burb named Monash? :o/ ) wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

December 29, 2005

$270 for Blue Heelers? Remember that I want to come with you next time you have your 15 minutes. You little star, you! *hugs*

WhooHoo!! I have 3 air conditioners, Go Me! I’m so lucky, lol, Naughty me 4 rubbing that in yr face. I do know what its like to not have it, it sucks! Its sposed to be 39 in Bendigo tom. Yikes! U’ll know where I’ll be. With the boxing day specials, can u afford to get an air conditioner? or maybe a water cooler? It does this every yr, hits with a vengeance. Stay in the bath tom. Good luck!

December 29, 2005
December 29, 2005

ooooooooooooooooohhhhh I wanna do extra work too….. I wanna swot blowies and stand around for one and a half hours and make money!

December 29, 2005

Oh I don’t miss being that miserable and hot! But I also don’t like the wind and cold that we’ve had here. I need a happy medium!