Time waste.

Another long day at work. I’m at… roughly 60 hours for this week so far. Makes it hard to get anything done. My house needs a Spring clean, my yard needs a makeover and I have a list of random errands as long as my arm to complete in the next few days.

Lots of stress and anxiety at the moment. Trying to plan for the next few months is difficult at best. Desperately want to be successful in my endeavors so I’m trying to drown out the negativity and focus on one task at a time. Unfortunately the way I’m wired, small stuff irks me and my mind has a way of preparing for worst case scenario at all times. I think that makes me a certified worry wart. Luckily my occasional voice of reason (husband) eases some of the tension my brain throws at me. He’s not always the calmest human being but when he knows I’m flustered he usually comes to my side. Lol.

Its still bothering me that I will miss my eldest daughters graduation day. As a parent, you don’t expect to “miss out” on important stuff like that. Then there is also the fact that I’ll miss seeing my Mum and Dad when they come over…  I know stressing about this stuff isn’t terribly conducive, but that’s how I roll.

So much to think about.

I’m half asleep today. Sitting at my desk in the shop and fighting the urge to take a nap. It’ll help when my coworker shows up, give me someone to chat to but until then I’ll just have to fight the urge to nod off.

Can’t really say I have anything even remotely interesting to talk about. It’s just ad hoc babble at this point.


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