Hard to stay motivated

I’m back again after a long gap of non writing. I used to write almost every day, now not so much, I must get back into the habit again. I am coming back to re -read my older entries (from 2003 on) for noted for my first draft of my book. There’s a lot of info to cover and I am glad I do not have to rely on my 61 year old memory to get the facts down lol. So I will be back here a lot more, if just to reread old entries. I will try to update as much as possible.

So back to my life. If you recall my oldest daughter broke up with her long time boyfriend and now is dating this new guy who I haven’t met yet. They seem to be very serious already. I am wondering why she hasn’t introduced me to him yet? Maybe she is ashamed of me or is worried about what I might say to him. I have a big mouth lol. I heard rumors that she is thinking about moving in with him already so I guess they are pretty serious. I still talk to her ex on occasion. I think he is a great guy and consider him a friend and we do NOT talk about my daughter at all. We talk about life and other cool things. He is encouraging me to finish my book and told me he would buy it, so that’s one person at least lol. Better than none I guess.

My middle daughter is still going to school to get her associates degree. In the meantime she is a server at a sports bar. She is fed up with the public, she said they are all assholes. I tend to agree but only some are assholes. Working with the public is getting harder and harder, people are so rude these days. I’m getting near the end of my tolerance as well. From now on I only want nice people. She told me she is talking to a nice guy. I told her grab him quickly as there are not that many around anymore.

My youngest daughter has a birthday coming up, she is turning 25 in March. I know these days 25 isn’t like when I was 25, because I had graduated college, got married, had a full time job and had a house already by he time I was 25. She is still living with me, has no car or job and not going to school so basically I am supporting her right now. No signs of her leaving anytime soon if ever. As soon as she has to wipe my ass, she will be out of here I guess lol.

As for me, still plugging away at the spa. Not making very much but I do what I can. In a few more months I will be able to start collecting my Social Security but I can’t stop working, so I will be semi retired. So in the meatime, I am writing my book and plan on looking into taking the medical coding and billing certification when I can do on the side. After 15 years of massage, I think I am soon not going to be able to do it anymore. My left shoulder still hurts and is not improving much though not getting worse either. I am thinking about trying CBD oil to reduce inflammation. I hear a lot of good things about it.Right now I use Biofreeze on it and it helps to keep it loose so I can still massage but after a long day it flairs up again.

I am also in a debt reduction program to get out from under my debt. I am going to try and pay off my credit cards in about 3 years if possible then not use them anymore. They are evil and get me into trouble over and over again. From now on, no money, no buy. I can do without. I do still have a line of credit that I can use in an emergency but that’s it. And a Firestone Credit card in case I need car repairs or tires. And a Kolhs card in case I need clothes. BUT THAT’S IT!!!! And I am OK with that.

So that brings you up to speed. I missed this place. Now onto reading some old entries.


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February 27, 2019

Welcome back I am so glad you are back…..I am not sure if you remember me but I was once called Jay the Pest…..  I look forward to reading from you whenever you do type here…

February 27, 2019

welcome  back