It’s been quite the day…

Well I had it out with my oldest daughter today. She texted me that she wanted me to feed her cat when she went to Vegas next weekend. So I texted back that I was not sure I would do it because she hasn’t been very nice to me. She responded what do you mean? And I said Really?

So she called me. And I let her have it. I basically said she’s been acting like a bitch and has been disrespectful to me. I said she has ditched me for plans, said rude things to me and argued with me on what we should do on Christmas eve. She was like I have had a terrible week at work etc. and I am like well don’t take it out on me. It’s just an excuse on her part. I said I had to go to work and hung up on her. She later texted me back, apologized and told me she loved me. I told her that I loved her too and we all have problems. Then I said I would feed her cat lol. So we are good now. I can’t stay mad.

It needed to be said and I said it and I am glad I did.

Then I get to work and the other therapist there got really snippy with me, I am like WTF is happening today? Is it National confrontation day? Not even sure what her problem with me was, she was just being a bitch. So I told the assistant manager about it (the owner is not there on Sundays) and she told me there has been some other complaints about her too. She was going to tell the owner tomorrow. So we will see what happens. I really felt like smacking her in the face but I didn’t. But she better not push me again. I eat people like her for breakfast.

Just got a lot on my plate right now so it’s been stressful. I am doing the best I can.


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December 10, 2018

I have always told my son I am the last resort when he can’t find other to help him out.  He knows better then to ask me first.  Like yesterday he got the taxi cab driver to help him move the TV.

You are a good mom and I hope your daughter knows that.

December 10, 2018

I’m glad that you told her – we tend to hold back things from our kids sometimes, that we shouldn’t.