Love life part deux

So if you read my last entry (if you want to read it now, go ahead, I’ll wait)…

OK everyone back?

So I decided to reach out to gong guru part 2, the one who is getting divorced.

In a manner of speaking…

He posted on Facebook that he would love a massage in exchange for some crystal bed healing sessions (shut up). He says he needs “the touch” (no not THAT kind of touch) just massage.

Which is what I do.

So I messaged him and said I would be willing to do it.

Didn’t hear back for a few days. Earlier today I got a response. Basically he said he got a lot of responses and he was fine for now but in the future he would contact me again.

OK cool.

So if or when I do this massage, I will pretty quickly be able to determine if he is the right guy for me. In like 5 seconds. Because yes I can do that.

If the energy is right and we click, I will know it immediately. If it isn’t I will also know that immediately.

So we will see what happens.

Thanks for the advice everyone and TFR

Oh by the way my new website is online. Go to and let me know what you think. There are probably still errors on it. My daughter’s BF did it and we need to review it for edits still.

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