Oops I did it again

I was going to not wait so long to update but….

I did it again.

So it’s May now and it’s been a busy month so far. Two of my daughters had birthdays the first week of May then Mother’s day was early this month. My youngest daughter made me encliladas for dinner rather than going out. Nothing like a home cooked meal as far as I am concerned. I made Sangria and it was delicious. my oldest daughter stopped by with flowers, my favorite cup cake (red velvet) and a swag bag of beauty products (she works for Ulta) so that was nice. Her and her BF left on a cruise to the Bahamas yesterday so they couldn’t stay long. I am hoping she is getting engaged on this trip. Fingers crossed.

My other daughter went to a wedding on Saturday so she was too hung over to visit. We are going out next Sunday for a spa day so that should be fun. I need that!

I’ve cut back on my work hours, it was getting to be too much. Just trying to hang in there until I can retire. We will see how long that will take.

The weather is getting warmer (in the 80s) so I got a haircut today. I can still pull it back if I need to but it’s a lot cooler on my neck.

6 more months and I will be on Medicare. Woo hoo something to look forward to lol

Well that’s the latest. I will update if my daughter gets engaged!



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