We had our one day of Spring

Living in the upper midwest is so bipolar when it comes to the weather. We had one kind of nice spring like day, the calendar says it is Spring and yet it is still cold. A few days ago just a few miles south of us, they had about 2 inches of snow overnight. I am so glad it wasn’t here because if I woke up and saw snow again, I would have lost it. It has been snowing around here since late November and I am just sick of it. I am hoping we will not get any more snow for a while. The next two days are supposed to be more Spring like then back to cold on the weekend. So as you can see we can’t turn the heat off just yet.

My shoulder has improved, now I have a sharp pain in my left ribcage area. I know exactly what it is though. My shoulder was frozen for several months. What happens is the muscles surrounding the shoulder get weak because you are not moving the shoulder much. When it starts to heal, then the muscles which haven’t been used for a while start to “wake up” again, and when you begin to move them, they hurt because they haven’t moved in months. Which is why shoulder rehabilitation takes so long, it happens in stages, stage one is the freezing stage, stage 2 is the thawing stage (which I am in now) and stage 3 is the return to normal ROM stage, all in all in takes about a full year to recover from a frozen shoulder and that is with dedicated rehab which I haven’t done much of. I am too lazy and can’t afford to see a PT.  I have been seeing a chiro and I get massages about every 2 weeks but I have to get back to the gym to exercise again. I know exactly what exercises I need to do, now I just have to do them. I started taking the CBD oil and it has helped with the inflammation so it doesn’t hurt as much.  I definitely feel a difference. So that’s good.

I need to start thinking about my future when I quit doing massage for good. I am looking into the medical coding and billing course online. And of course I will still do Reiki and maybe even start selling  CBD oil. But my days as a MT are numbered. Not that I don’t still like it, but my body is telling me it’s time to hang it up soon. Probably the end of this year when I start collecting my Social Security. It’s time for a change.

I’m looking into lending my daughter money to buy another car. She doesn’t have much money so she needs some help. I am always willing to help out but I am far from rich myself. Still, I don’t mind helping. I just want her to be happy again. She seems kind of depressed but it could just be because of the lousy weather and lack of sunshine. As the winter weather drags on, I get like that too. Just want to see some sun for a change.

I haven’t made much progress on my book yet but I have had a lot on my mind lately. It’s hard to focus. I have an outline and started the first draft. My goal is to have a finished draft by the end of the year. I know it can be done, I just have to do it.

My ex MIL is turning 90 next month and my kids are flying back to NJ to see her to wish her happy birthday. I mean it could be the last time they see her alive, who knows? My mom died rather quickly too, she seemed fine last time I saw her and then next thing I knew she had liver cancer and died shortly thereafter. I think she got the liver cancer from all the meds she was taking. She never took drugs all her life, then suddenly she was on 4 meds. WHY? Why do you put a 90 year old on medications? It’s not going to change anything, she’s still going to die. The doctors just love to drug you up. To me they only hastened her death not prolonged her life. But what do I know? If I was 90 and they wanted to put me on drugs I was say hell no, just let me die in peace. And I probably would live longer than if I took the poison drugs.

Speaking of drugs, my other daughter is attending college and they just added with approval of the state, a course in medical marijuana so she could work in a dispensary. It’s a certification course. She does love the weed so why not? It’s seems right down her alley so to speak lol. She finally found something to get excited about and it helps people and in the medical field which she wanted to get into anyway. I can see that being a very popular class LOL.

And my oldest daughter is madly in love with her new BF and is talking about moving in with him. OK just do it already. She needs to get her act together. She decided this is the guy she wants now so let it happen already. I would like some grandchildren before I die. I haven’t met him yet but I have seen pictures of him. He looks a lot like the guy in the bachelor TV show, except I suspect he’s not a virgin lol. I don’t care as long as she is happy with him, it’s her life. Me being a traditionalist I would hope marriage would be in order first but I guess it’s not in vogue anymore.

We shall see.

That’s all for now.


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March 26, 2019

I guess it’s not in vogue anymore.

I bought a musical crib mobile from Amazon as a shower present for somebody at work. Since then Amazon keeps showing me these ad-like questions asking me to tell it how old my baby is so they can customize product offerings for me.  After a month of that they started dropping hints that they could do a wedding registry for me if I wanted.  But they’re not judging me.

March 26, 2019

The children of today seem to be imitating the boom a rang effect.  The seem to be always coming back.  I hope everything works out for your daughters.