Wow. It’s December already?

Time surely does fly. And don’t call me Shirley! Only some of you will get that reference.

So what has happened since I last wrote here?

Nothing much.

Let’s see, where do I start?

Still living with my youngest daughter, she finally got a job. She works as a delivery driver for Panera bread. She loves it and she is making good money. Thank goodness. Now hopefully she can keep this one for a while.

I am still working at the spa 4 days a week. I got taken off of deep tissue. I can’t do it anymore. So I do Swedish and prenatal massage and sometimes Reiki to some good clients. I got a job review recently and I got a dollar an hour raise! I was shocked. I thought I would get something but not an entire dollar. I know it doesn’t sound like much but to me it is. So I’m making $20 an hour now plus tips. Not bad but I can’t work that many hours anymore. I need supplemental income. So I turned 62 in November so I am going to start collecting my Social Security as of 2020. I wish I could have waited but it’s not possible. I have bills to pay. Even with my daughter working, it’s still a struggle. Now that I am 62 I might be able to get into programs for seniors to help with rent, electric bills etc. Have to look into that soon.

What else?

Still happily single.

My oldest daughter and her BF are getting serious, it seems. They moved in together and are now talking about buying a home together (he is in real estate). No engagement yet but I guess pretty soon. I don’t think this year though, they want to wait until they are settled. I’ve met him a few times, the most recently at Thanksgiving and to tell the truth, I don’t like him that much, He seems like a know it all. But my daughter seems to love him and that’s all that matters I guess.  I thing she could definitely do worse. He seems ambitious and fairly mature. A good catch as most would say. But is it really true love? I am not feeling it.

My middle daughter is still struggling to get her Associates degree. She never was a whiz at school and still isn’t. I just want her to be done already. She’s turning 30 next year. Time to move forward with her career, whatever that might be. An old guy friend moved back here from California and they have been hanging out a lot. Not dating, they are just friends but who knows? Lots of times, best friends make for good marriages. I could see them together as a couple but she swears they are only friends, then one time when she was drunk she told me they have sex. I am like TMI but I said that’s OK just be safe. LOL I don’t know why she felt the need to tell me that but I am not judgemental at all which is probably why she told me. Maybe some guilt? And she needed my OK? Well she got it. I am fine with it again as long as they take precautions. After all she is 29 years old not a teenager.

My youngest daughter and I are like frenemies. Sometimes we love each other and other times we want to kill each other LOL. The day before Thanksgiving, we went to see Frozen 2. We both love animation and we both love Disney. So that was fun. Other times we just want to be away from each other. It’s hard living with another person but neither one of us can afford to live alone so here we are. Now that she is working a lot, it’s been a lot better as we are not on top of each other all the time. I don’t foresee a time when we will not be living together in the near future.

So that’s basically it, I am still trying to write my book. I just joined a writers club hoping that it will help me get motivated to keep going. It’s hard to do. As you can see from here, I haven’t written here since April. I used to write almost everyday. I have to get back into the writing habit. I hope the group will help me to do that.

Not looking forward to the cold, icy winter but it will be a good time to write since I won’t be outside very much.


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1 week ago

Sounds like life is going good for you and everyone is happy where they are at…..

5 days ago

Hi!!! Someone told me to get an old typewriter. They say it motivates you to write more. Who knows? I always wanted to write a novel so now that I have nothing but time maybe I’ll try.