Yep it’s winter again

After enjoying two lovely days of Spring like weather, it’s back to the 40s, rainy, damp and cloudy again. Well it was nice while it lasted anyway.

I am taking a class in how to read tarot cards. It’s something I always wanted to try so why not? I always like learning new things. So far, it’s been very interesting. I am enjoying it.

Still waiting for Prince Charming to come and save me, Cinderella. It’s not looking too promising. Oh well.

I’m losing weight because I am on a diet called poverty. I am down to one meal a day now. I usually drink a protein shake in the afternoon and that gets me through til dinnertime. I’m not complaining mind you. I need to lose some weight anyway. I gained a lot of weight when I went through menopause and it has stubbornly decided not to go away. I am noticing a difference. I haven’t weighed myself in ages. I know I am over 200 pounds now and at 5 ft 6″ that’s too much. My ideal weight is 160 as I have a large bone structure. So I should lose about 40 pounds or so. The first goal is to get back to under 200, so that’s what I am shooting for. With my poverty diet and walking more when the weather is nice, my job which is very physical and getting back to the gym again, I think it is doable.  I’m in no hurry, it’s not like I am going on vacation or to a wedding where I would need to lose it fast. I am just going to take my time, so that I don’t gain it all back again. I watch a show called my 600 pound life and these people are super morbidly obese, and I just have so much sympathy for them because their lives are a living hell. And it’s not like they haven’t tried to lose weight, they all have. They all have severe mental issues and need therapy, you don’t become 600 lbs because you are well adjusted.  Many of them have been raped, and sexually abuse as children. It’s so tragic. They need to deal with the trauma they suffered first before they can lose weight. They are doing everything ass backwards. They try to lose weight first as the doctor will not do weight loss surgery til they lose at least 100 pounds on their own. If they could do that, I think why would they need the surgery then? They need to address the mental issues first, then they can lose the weight. It’s very interesting to watch and I love watching surgery, it is really interesting to me how they take most of the stomach out so there is not much room for food. And then after they lose a good amount of weight, the doctor removes the excess skin that remains after the weight loss. Sometimes it is like 50 pounds of just skin. That’s a quick way to lose 50 pounds. But no thank you. The recovery is a bitch, so much pain and there can be complications. It is a major big deal.

Anyway I am not sure how I got on that topic.

I’m off from work today and it is nasty out so I am probably just going to chill at home today, until later when I am going to a drum circle with the Shaman. I’ll write about that some other time.


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April 10, 2019

It’s snowing right now, here, in MN. I have also watched that show My 600 pound life, (or whatever.) I agree, they DO need therapy and healing before attempting to lose any substantial amount of weight!!


April 10, 2019

Have you ever thought about weight watchers program?  I have lost more then 80 pounds and having a hard time maintaining but the majority of my weight is gone.  They have changed the program a lot and it seems to be better then years ago when I first started.

January 3, 2020

I happened to be in the “neighborhood” and decided to stop by and say hey! Looks like you’re not writing too much! 😲 Speaking of losing weight for a wedding…I did that as both my sons were married in 2019! Lost 25 but still need to lose another 15 to get to goal. WW is what worked for me.