Please pray for President Biden

I had a wonderful Easter. I ate across the street from where I was living, at a bakery that President Obama ate at when he came to Puerto Rico, and the food was absolutely amazing. I came back to my room and listened to President Obama’s book, A Promised Land, and it was that day or the next that the abuser in my mother’s house started throwing up. I sort of put the pieces together that he started throwing up because he had just intentionally misgendered me while signaling that he is racist and anti Puerto Rican at the same time and President Biden had just mentioned the existence and dignity of trans people and he thought his surveillance of me had turned Joe Biden against me so when Joe Biden made a move that seemed to support me he immediately started throwing up.

He didn’t like being weak like that. When Trump started talking about his ‘Christian’ (LOL) Day of Visibility I guess he thought this would be a good opportunity to give food poisoning to my mother who started throwing up too. She thought it was some kind of bug but how could I tell her he poisoned her? He was sick from fear that President Biden was on my side and then he poisoned her and then when I came back to visit my mother a few weeks ago, right before I came back to Puerto Rico, I threw up three times in one day. He brought me to the airport and signaled to me in ways my mother was oblivious to that he didn’t care about her life and wanted her to die, mentioning how her lips looked white when she got into the car, and saying a lot of other sick stuff, too. It’s just like what he’s been doing for a year and a half now.

Now Joe Biden accepts a ‘debate’ with Donald Trump. Watch the debate. Watch the body language, how Trump portrays himself with a bullying, patriarchal strength, while Joe Biden is framed exactly as Trump has always portrayed him, as ‘sleepy’. Of course he can’t explain a bad night or why it took a week of recovery from travel and he still considers himself to have an off night but if he told the truth about what he was experiencing who would not call him paranoid? I am not much for conspiracy theories but think about it: “I ran because of Charlottesville.” What is he saying? No matter how cognitively astute a person is, if we give Joe Biden any credit at all, he knew what he was saying when he said those words and he could not have said it any other way. He ran because of Charlottesville, he ran because there is a man on stage with him who sees nothing wrong with polluting the body of the president to get what he wants. He ran because there are fascists in the United States of America bent on destroying democracy and Trump is one of them. Joe Biden has the best environmental record of any president in history but Trump tries to claim that for himself with a remark that he had just talked to some environmental advisor before the debate.

I’m too worn out to extrapolate all of the subtext here but at least to me it is quite clear and if you understand and have experienced how abusers work you might see this too that his ‘environmental advisor’ is code for someone who was a supposed Biden ally or neutral party who found a way to slip something that would make him sleepy and confused into his food or drink before the debate. This is how fascists and bullies and patriarchs talk and this was not just any ordinary debate: he talked to his environmental advisor right before the debate. Listen to how he says this. How do bullies and abusers like that think? Putting something into someone’s body (something that has happened to me too many times over the last couple years thanks to my mothers supposed husband David and the cults) is violence and when you are on a debate stage and you know that this has happened to you what can you do except try to explain it away the best you can? You certainly cannot tell the public directly what happened but those of us who understand the threat will not immediately discount that this criminal who is trying to grant himself dictatorship is a threat that we must defeat with expediency and without question or hesitation.

Trump is signaling that he is all about polluting the environment and that on the night of the debate he ‘polluted’ the body of the president of the United States of America. What exactly would a fascist who was complicit in an attack on the capitol do but something like this? Were we expecting anything different? Look at all the events that Joe Biden has successfully completed, look at his accomplishments in terms of legislation, look at this man like he has some sort of genius akin to that of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Trump also disparages the Green New Deal in the debate, too, which is a reference of course to FDR. Look at Biden’s leadership, for yourself, and don’t let yourself be swayed by popular opinion, just look at things as they are, and you might come to the conclusion as I have that this is no conspiracy theory but the absolute truth.

I also ask you: if FDR, considering his accomplishments, were running in his final term, would we trust him to make the right decision, to give up the office when he knew it was time, to be an asset to the country, or would we buy into narratives that he is becoming frail with age despite an age difference that is about the same as that between me and my supposed ‘brother’? Or would we accept the truth, that things like this happen when democracy is in danger of ending, and that Trump would do anything to preserve his power and end democracy once and for all? Would we acknowledge that there never *was* a debate here and that Trump’s actions here (if you would think deeply about what you are seeing when you watch the debate) are the marks of a fascist and that given the fact that his body was poisoned (perhaps not with food poisoning but certainly with something that made him sleepy and not quite himself) Joe Biden demonstrated the most exemplary leadership imaginable?

Might someone who he intuitively trusts perhaps give him a regimen of rejuvanating herbs like ginseng and ashwaganda to help to counteract the effects of being drugged by the fascist who usurped the presidency and is doing whatever it takes that he feels he can get away with to steal this election once and for all? I hope so, and I hope that Trump knows that there are enough of us out there who can see clearly what happened, and that he will not get away with this. I am not making excuses for debate performance: a debate is just a debate and people have bad nights but unfortunately we are living in a country where no one is allowed to have them.

If the reason you have a bad night is that the man standing next to you slipped something into your food or drink as easily as my mother’s husband has done to us without her being any the wiser to it (yet), how can we think that this would not happen to Joe Biden, and if we look closely at his record and see his list of accomplishments that go on and on in ways that are really amazing if you take the time to research it for yourself instead of allowing fascists and Trump allies to bend the narrative to their purposes, can we not agree that it has never in history been more pressing and urgent and essential to vote for the Democratic incumbent Joe Biden for the office of President of the United States?

Of course when you say these kinds of things they call you crazy and my reputation is at stake just for stating the truth here but we need to get solidly behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and their leadership. Think of all the conspiracy theories and the things that Trump actually believes about Democrats, and yet we are supposed to believe that he wouldn’t find a way to sabotage Biden’s performance while letting him know that he is in control right down to his very body? At the very least these are things to think about and I dearly hope and pray that those of us who care will find a way to speak truth to power in a way that this fascist ex-usurper of the presidency will never forget? We can’t keep treating this as an ordinary election: we need young people, Democrats, Independents, and Republicans to vote for Joe Biden or we are really at risk that this is the end of democracy.

I hope those of us who read the subtext of the debate and are as uncomfortable as I am speak out against violence: I see on the debate stage evidence of foul play, and if he slipped something sleepy into Joe Biden’s food or drink, it is horrible but perhaps still nowhere near as bad as what he has accused Democrats of doing. So who among us can come together and accept that this is not an ordinary presidential election, that there is evil at work here, and that Joe Biden absolutely needs to win the election, and what’s more, if you take some time to think about him as a person and as a character in the history of this country, I hope we will come to the conclusion that he continues to deserve the faith we put in him to take this country to better times and to implement a vision that would have effects much like those that President Roosevelt envisioned so long ago: a vision to really, and truly, eradicate everything that smothers the shining beacon of light and hope and that keeps us from seeing that we had one great man standing on the stage that night and with a great president we *have* a great country. War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, environmental protection is poisoning, and America is not great and needs to be made such once again by a fascist whose character and motivations are more like Hitler than we could begin to imagine.

Please speak out against injustice and fascism and the sorts of violent bullying games we saw played out on the stage that night. Please vote for Joe Biden. Please pray for the president.

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2 weeks ago

Interesting viewpoint. The first word that entered my head to describe the debate was abuse. The second, cold medicine.