The next 12 weeks

Life is so weird. The timing of everything over the last month especially feels so much like it has to have been perfectly designed for me. Things arranged themselves in just the right way and I have no idea whatsoever how to explain to anyone what has hsppened to me. I gently touched on this early trauma and ai do not know ehen or how but sometime since then I feel more myself in a certain way than I ever have before and it is sort of disconcerting but wow it is like a totally new phase of my life and it is all very, very strange. How this could be happening to me is a very strange philosophical wuestion indeed but it did happen: somehow I got over the rising side of the mountain of my trauma and now it feels like a gentle course downhill, all as a result of EMDR and everything since I left that shelter aligning up perfectly to heal me and even to get me back into an awesome flow with life. A few months ago the world was so scary and now, the universe is not confirming the worst fears and suspicions I had then but I don’t exactly know what it’s telling me.

I am also feeling like what am doing is exactly what I am meant to be doing, moment to moment, in like every way. I am in a flow or zone or something and everything about how ai approach everything is different but it is one of those powerful mysterious spiritual changes that maybe I will never be able to explain even to myself. Like exactly what I am mesnt to be doing emerged from this wisdom within myself and now for the first time in my life I feel like I know what I’m doing, but how could it be that way, and what then could the last year or every past year of my lifetime even mean? Something cool is happening and ai wish I could share it.

I have never been so like I know exactly what I want to do in every moment, in the moment,  and I just flow through everything and accomplish an incredible amount of things in such a short time. I do not know how to explain it. First I started getting ideas on exactly how to build a structure for my life so I could flow in every moment and have abundant time for everything I want to do and it all came together so seamlessly. I browsed through the 12 Week Year book which was helpful in parts to clarify how I am going to do this 12 week time of my life thing but some of the ideas were also reeeally counterintuitive to what I need: they suggest having a 12 week goal and then to set up action steps for each of the 12 weeks before you start your 12 week year. I can’t imagine being in this flow and feeling so productive if I *did* know what I was planning on doing next week towards my goal but the thing is in every case next week is a total mystery because it completely depends on how far I come and what I accomplish this week. If I achieve more than I can inagine this week, and even if not, at the beginning of next week, next week will feel completely different than it does now, because the current reality that I will be in next week is completely different and depends on what happens this week.

I am going to set weekly goals one week at a time, and within each week let myself do whatever I want whenever I want as long as I do something on this list of things I really want to do and I am satisfied with my time spent on all of them at the end of the week. It is like I created a system that keeps me in balalnce and keeps me in *some* kind of flow all the time and ai can’t wait to see what I accomplish in 12 weeks time. And right now I am just getting more done than I want to do in a more efficient way than ever and ai do not know how I did it. I think I can keep this up for 12 weeks. Then hopefully I can celebrate being in a better place than I am now, as now is a dismetrically different place than I was in 12 weeks ago. This is an amount of time in which you can make powerful changes in your life whike still easily keeping the final goal in sight because it’s just close enough and just far enough away. I feel like I know that I can accomplish it all because one thing just flows effortlessly into whatever wants to come next in such a way that… it feels like ai get to do exactly what I want to do and it is my first day doing this but it is going amazingly well.

Spanish: Feel confidently fluent and demonstrate this by making a 15 minute podcast or video in Spanish on a topic or theme. Be comfortable speaking Spanish in social situations and having a 15 minute conversation with a native speaker. Feel *more* condident with oral comprehension in films and telenovelas. Finish Brooklyn Brujas book one, read El General en Su Labirinto. Listen to one audiobook and get into one telenovela. Ne much more familiar with the subjunctive and other gaps in my grammar.

Week 1 tactics: finish making Brooklyn Brujas flashcards and keep reading.

Irish: Know 500 words. Have a basic grasp of the grammatical structure of the language. Be able to basically read and pronounce written Irish. Be able to say unique creative things that are not just rote learning. Understand basically how pronunciation works as well as broad and slender consonants and the vowels that goneith them.

Week 1 tactics: Start reading basic dialogues and learning vocabulary. Make flashcards and do Irish word searches.  Read Irish learning book and listen to accompanying audio.

Japanese: Learn 300 kanji.

Week one tactics: use the Remembering the Kanji book.

Options trading: Be able to explain clearly my rationale behind contemplating  a certain trade. Trade in simulation and journal about my rationale and results. Get comfortable with the indicators of my choice. Get comfortable using reading trends and understand my entry and exit triggers. Understand the greeks, profit-loss charts, and making wise decisions based on maximum loss, potential gain, and probability of success. Understand clearly what I know and do not know. Have one or two primary strategies and stick to them. Trade at least one options contract by the end of 12 weeks.

Week 1 Tactics: watch videos on YouTube, play in Think or Swim, write down the questions I have and things I am unsure of, initiate one practice trade. Start a journal of though process and learning.

Python: Master the basics enough to able to have fun writing unique, creative, though simple programs. I know I have succeeded if after 12 weeks I can come up with an idea for unique programs I want to write and can write and execute it (no pun intended).

Week 1 Tactics: Read beginners Python book and play with what I learn.

Content creation: have fun, discover myself, and make $600 by the end of 12 weeks.

Week 1 Tactics: Utilise the support of community, write with others, go through Medium Training Academy.

Music: Start exploring where I want to focus my interest and what specific goals I have. Brush up on standard notation, chords, scales in lower positions, and theory. Play with sound. Write one song.

Week 1 Tactics: spend time practicing using the books I have and just have fun and play, keeping track of questions and curiosities and inspirations and what new possibilities are coming to mind as my learning progresses. Keep a process journal.

Film: Watch at least five great movies (and write and reflect on them?)

Tactics: Turn on the TV.

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