Why Joe Biden won the ‘debate’ (part 2)

Trump says that during his administration we dealt with COVID better than any country in the world and that we were coming out of it and that Biden brought us back into it so I guess his demographic does not include people who know how to read charts and statistics. The US had one of the highest per capita case and death rates in the world under Trump, and many countries, including Germany, New Zealand, and the country on the other side of his lover’s border, South Korea, handled COVID better than the US without question. Taiwan. Singapore. Australia. Vietnam. Iceland, Norway, Finland. Do these countries exist, Mr. Trump?

The numbers really started to skyrocket right before the election, as I recall, but Biden had to deal with that spike in deaths initiated by the Trump administration and it took a long time to get the thing under control. He spent more time in office during the pandemic too. If Trump remained in office we never would have had that kind of vaccine distribution! How can he say they largely fixed the COVID-19 pandemic to people who remember what actually happened: it seemed like it was just starting to quiet down a little bit and then right *before* the election on Trump’s watch it got unmanageable and that’s what led to so many deaths at the beginning of the Biden administration and made a vaccine mandate necessary but there goes Trump always blaming his messes on other kids!

If you have no clear backup plan for funding, there is no way that the permanent deferral of social security payroll taxes that Trump is considering will not hurt social security! The treasury will pay for it, he says. Yeah, like Mexico paid for that wall. He is selling us this illusion that we no longer have to pay into social security but it will continue to exist and yet he’s already made cuts to social security disability spending.

Trump sets things up so that he can have it every way: he says he is going to “make America great again” and that he is always a winner and all this crap and yet the burden is on him to prove that Joe Biden is soooo bad that it can erase his constant never-ending winning. If Trump was so great and did anything to make America better would any president be able to erase his legacy so easily? I guess the only thing that will make his supposedly once again great America resilient enough to withstand the likes of Joe Biden is to never let anyone but himself ever take office ever again so he can control the narrative. So now we have to look at legacies: do we want a country ruled by corporations and CEOs (scratch that, I mean a fascist dictator) or do we want a bit more economic equality and more money in our budget to make America greater than it ever was and live into the infinite possibilities of our potential?

Trump’s argument is basically simply that Biden is soooo bad that all the respect and all the greatness he supposedly brought to America during his term in office crumbled like a brittle dead flower because Joe Biden… well, all the stuff he says about him. The burden is on Trump to prove that Biden is soooo bad that he can soooo easily erase Trump’s and America’s greatness (winning winning winning *all* the time) but he’s making Joe Biden look like the best thing we’ve ever had. He has yet to make a case for the alternative but I hear he’s free on Wednesdays. I’d like to see him try.

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