im in love?

shes beautiful. her laugh gives me the widest smile. her face is the prettiest i’ve seen. her words are delicate and fill me with joy. her embrace makes me calm. the happiest i’ve been. when we embrace, i make sure to put a stupid song on the playlist in the background. for us to laugh at so we can get up. otherwise im not sure i’d ever want to stop. i wouldnt know when to end. shes perfect, really. i hope she never has to go through any pain in life. i wish i could take her pain for myself. i hope she gets scouted for hollywood. gets put on broadway. it would make her so happy. im never going to give her my account on this platform. not ever. i dont want to scare her away, for seeing me sad would just give her more problems. thats not my objective. i want her to be comfortable in our relationship. its still sprouting, our relationship. its new, honeymoon. yes, i trust her completely. if i could tell her all my problems now i would. but that wouldnt be good. if im going to be honest with her, (which i must) im going to have to tell her little by little. maybe, one problem a month? half a problem every two months? im not sure yet. i just want her to be happy. i will have to keep some things hidden to make sure thats so, but im alright with that. and im sure if she knew, she’d understand.

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