It’s all… part of… the pain.

Pain à la banane, that is. 

Good morning!

So as I sit here at my desk, shivering despite the fact that it is indeed Spring, I have to profess to you my love for banana bread. Not only is it extremely easy to make but it’s also hella tasty. Baking is usually a science but I find with quick breads you can alter it a bit without too many repercussions. You know what the great thing about banana bread is? You don’t need to use eggs, the banana itself can act as an emulsifier to bind the bread together. So there are plenty of egg-less banana bread recipes floating around on the interwebs but I’ve always used this one as my go-to. I like to add in walnuts or chocolate chips depending on my mood and what I have at hand.

This is going to be the opposite of a recipe blog post (well, never mind that it isn’t even my own original recipe) and I’m going to ramble on about my life after having posted the recipe link. 😜

I have to tell you, I’m really feeling the quarantine/social-distancing restrictions over here. I had started going to the gym in January and was feeling healthier than ever. Of course, I can probably still do some things at home but the motivation factor is nearly nil. I’m thankful that at least I’m maxing out my steps at work during these troubling times (10 to 15k steps is the daily norm for me). Now if you could remove the anxiety that came with being in close proximity to colleagues who themselves are in close proximity to customers (I’m talking about our delivery drivers) then I think it would be a little bit peachier. Work has introduced social distancing methods (“Guys please stand 2 metres apart from each other!”) but it’s still a risk and well, when you’re in a busy aisle there’s naught much you can do. I digress.

In other exciting news, cherry blossoms have come to my town in Animal Crossing!

Spring is my favourite season, to be honest. 

Unfortunately, with Spring came this monstrosity. Is that… the Energiser bunny from my nightmares?

Great, can I rewind time and un-find you?

Still, I’d take an annoyingly-chipper, hyper rabbit over a global pandemic any day. I hope you, dear reader, and your loved ones are doing well despite everything that is going on. I’m off to make me some banana bread. Wish me luck. 


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April 2, 2020

Mmm, banana bread is my favourite! When I used to live in the US there was this bakery that made banana bread with a crispy sugary topping, it was so good. I miss the food in the US. Hope you’re well!

April 7, 2020

@nitrojane Hmm sugar on top you say? Sounds nice! Where did you live in the US? 🙂 Thanks, I hope you are well too!

April 10, 2020

@omgninja we lived in New Jersey! Honestly I hated it, I’m glad my husband and I are back in Australia now. I like the weather a lot better here.