Rehashing an old survey.

So I decided to “re-do” an old post where 20 year old me answered a bunch of questions. So now you have the 33 year old edition (the old original answers are the first ones in grey). Let’s see how much I’ve changed.


01; Name: Toni Toni
02; Name you wish you had: Spanglehead I… actually like my name?
03; Birthplace: Fairfield Hospital Sydney
04; Height: 5ft1 V_V 154cm
05; Nicknames: ninja ^^ Call me Tones and I will personally make it my mission to kill you. It’s very hard to shorten my name (and yes I will still personally murder anyone who thinks they can get away with Tones).


06; Ice Cream: Macadamia Cornettos, Magnums with almonds.
07; Milkshake: Yam Banana or Strawberry (Really, past-Toni, yam? 🤨 Poseur)
08; Fruit: Blood Red Grapefruit Cherries or Mandarins
09; Veggie:  I love spinach .. like popeye >D This is a hard one, I like so many. Potatoes?
10; Salad Dressing: Caesar!!! INFEDELS! O: I rarely use it but probably something like a green goddess dressing.
11; Cereal: Rice bubbles Granola.
12; Music Genre: whatever I damn feel like biznitch. Can’t pick, it depends on my mood.
13; Band(s): ditto See above.
14; Animal: Meerkat, like Timon from the Lion King Still Meerkats! Or Cats. 🙂


15; Where is your heart?: with Chuck Norris On my sleeve.
16; Last movie you saw: Hoodwinked A Quiet Place.
18; What’s next to you?: A thesaurus, my camera, a battery and my cup of pepsi An empty computer chair and a waste bin (left), a printer, my Nintendo Switch, my phone and a whole lotta cords (right).
19; Posters in your room?: HA. I have 500 and something posters and counting babeh *smokes* We have paintings (one of BMO from Adventure Time that a friend did for me, another is pixel art of London that my partner’s other partner made for him and then he got it printed on canvas).
20; Wear perfume/cologne?: only when I smell of cheese Not really, just antiperspirant.


22; Are your parents together or separated?: my mother died when I was 7.. seperated not of will I guess. Sadly my mother died when I was 7 and my dad when I was 23.
23; How many Grandparents do you have?: Two I think (one of my nannas I don’t talk to anymore because she think’s we’re trash) Two (not sure if one of them is dead because she still thinks we’re trash 😃)
24; Cousins?: I have two cousins. I have two cousins and two (?) second cousins. We don’t talk to one because they had a falling out with my Auntie. Yay, families!
25; Favorite relative: my dad Still my dad. 🥰
26; Why?: because he is the best mofo in the world <3 love you pa He was my best friend and champion and just a joy to be around.


27; Status: Pinecone Polyamorous
28; Are you happy?: yes and no Yes 🙂
29; When?: depends doesnt it When what? You’ll have to specify.
30; Been caught doing something you shouldn’t?: is it bad to pick your nose on occasion? (ewww) Buying too much food to fit into my cupboards and then my nesting partner wonders why we have random tins of chickpeas and long-life tofu hanging around (this was before the pandemic, mind).


31; Hair:  is a mess Still a mess! But a tied-up mess.
32; Clothing: loose black skirt (can’t wear pants atm x.x) and a black tube top. Work clothes, I really should get changed, hey?
33; Mood: Kind of disheartened Tired. 😴
34; Weather: Cold Nippy!
35; Annoyance: friend going hot and cold on me V_V  No gym for the foreseeable future, live-in landlord is currently working from home, wah!
46; Taste: dry (lips) Coffee! Sweet, sweet, nectar of the gods.
37; Situation: I need to go the toilet but I shall finish this first Trying not to be so tired.
38; Longing: to relieve myself. To visit my home country (Australia) and see my best friend, her new baby and a new friend/paramour I’ve made since the start of the year.
39; Regret: that I keep posting up stupid stuff Oh, I could fill a novel with those. Currently? That I didn’t visit Australia sooner.


40; Homework assignment: I promised to make some people stuff… if that can be called hw Ha, no homework, I’m 33! Yeah, take that!
41; Picture you took:  a few days ago, to show someone how bad I looked in the morning I took a photo of my Animal Crossing game to show my boyfriend the new clothing store that opened in my town.
42; Person talked to: Serk Patrice (nesting partner)


43; Milkshake or Ice Cream: Ice Cream Milkshake
44; Football or Basketball: Bball Football if you mean Soccer. Otherwise Basketball.
45; Phone conversations or instant messaging: instant messaging (multitask ^^). instant messaging!! (Because I’m awkward)
46; Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Boyfriend Por que no los dos?
47; Big Mac or Rice Cake:  Rice I guess Neither seem appealing, tbh.
48; BodyWash or Bar Soap: Both Bar soap! More environmentally-friendly.
49; Love or Lust: friends; love Vash; lust Love!
50; Older or Younger: Older; Both :3 Older 🙂
51; Camera or Picture Phone: Camera. I.2 mp my ass Ha! Camera if it’s a DSLR, otherwise smart phone will do.
52; DVD or VCR: DVD Oh you sweet summer child, neither. Streaming all the way.


53; Been in an car accident: Nope Unfortunately yes.
54; Been to San Francisco: Nope Yes!
55; Been to Disneyland/DisneyWorld/EuroDisney: Nope Yes! 🙂
56; Been mini golfing: Yep Yes
57; Been regular golfing (18 holes): I did … and kicked serious ass >D Once with my dad.
58; Been out of the country: Dammit NO ;_; Yes! 🤗
59; Been to D.C.? Nope That’s a negatory.


60; Are you a happy person?:  sometimes  Sometimes.
61; Do you like thunderstorms?: No. The lightning frightens me and my computer. No the lightning makes me jump a mile.
62; Do you attend Church regularly?: Nope Haha, no.
63; Are you a hypocrite?: I try not to be Still trying not to be one. Also isn’t this a trick question?
64; What did you do last night?: Relaxed and chatted Animal Crossing and relaxing.
65; What do you wish you were doing right now?: I wish I was in a bar in Florence, living it up Sleeping
66; What is your favourite smell?: Freshly mown grass Freshly baked croissants.
67; What’s one thing you wish you had right now? talent. A cat on my lap.

Not much to report other than there are currently so many new staff at work (I work for a very large grocery chain in the UK and my distribution centre deals solely in online orders. You can imagine how popular we are at the moment). I walked down an aisle and thought I was in another store for a moment.

Peace out.



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March 31, 2020

I love this! I so wish I had done this 20 years ago to do another one 🙂

March 31, 2020

@kaliko You should do one now and put a reminder to re-do it in 10 years. 🙂

March 31, 2020

What a fantastic idea.  I have some surveys from 2014, I think I’ll do the same.

March 31, 2020

@ravennymph Yay I’d be interested to see that! 🙂