Another Day

The world hasn’t ended yet. My husband is living in this world of conspiracy theories. He’s failed to notice the media’s goal is scare us. Both sides are officially insane. That’s about all I have to say. The radicals in each end suck. The nation sucks. Everyone sucks. (I sound really intellectual. Don’t I. Ha.) He just keeps rambling about this blackout we’re going to have as Trump does whatever and finds the truth and takes back over. I’m at the point if it hasn’t happened yet it isn’t happening. Leave me alone.

My birthdays the 20th. It could be the best inauguration birthday yet. My only hope is for zero deaths. Peaceful protests. And the best future four years humanly possible considering the circumstances. Not much. (But way too much with our current governmental leaders probably.)

Still working remotely and they’ve announced it’ll be through spring. I’m at the point I never want an office again. Never. I do like being home. I like my house. My dogs. My life. I just need my daughter to get her own house and life.

That’s nothing new though. I’m a broken record. I told her today it was time to go if she couldn’t follow the rules and was going to be a rude, attitude fueled asshole who lives like a pig. She then tells me she already told me she wants to live with her grandma. Okay – Good – Please go pack your stuff then. It’s time to go. I can’t handle this for another moment and I don’t deserve to live like this with a 20 year old. Well, uhhhh, I can’t. Yes, you can. You want to live there, leave. I’m not leaving. You said it’s too dirty and you would call CPS. Correct. But you can still go. You guys will just need to clean right away I guess but I am DONE. I am not leaving and I am not living there. Then your attitude better stop, you better clean and you better start taking care of your kid.

Needless to say it’s been peacefully silent here tonight. Soooo peacefully silent. She’s even sent me a picture to show me they cleaned his play room when he was done and she was working on her room earlier. She’s capable. She just chooses not to. Which is so darn frustrating. I can’t coddle tho. I’m exhausted. I should be enjoying being a grandma and instead I feel like a damn dictator 24/7 stuck with an ungrateful 12 year old who agreed to babysit and then decided they didn’t want to. And she isn’t even 12. And it’s her kid.

Other than the normal chaos it’s just repeated days and nights. Always waiting for peace. Something more exciting. Something better. Whatever all of that may be.

It could always be worse, but then I look in the mirror and think – it could always be better.


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