Ready for this to end….

The same complaint as every other day. This adult child makes me insane. Absolutely, positively insane. Like REALLY insane.

How can one person be so lazy? Tonight in nicely tell her if she isn’t getting any hours she needs to find a second job. That’s all there is to it. No. No. No. She isn’t getting a second job when she’s pregnant and going to need 6 weeks off soon. Okay, you aren’t due for 90 days. Literally 90 Days. That’s 90 Days of paychecks. That’s OVER 12 weeks. Say she works a total of 30 hours a week at $12/hour for 12 weeks that’s $4,320 Gross. Yes, she’s capable of working 40 hours. Very. But I was nice and gave her a full day off during the week.  No. I’m just not doing it. What in the actual fuck? You need money. Yeah. That means you need to work. No, I’m not working to take time off. Subway will hire you as they need help until summer win/win. No, I’m not working around food. Okay, the gas stations will hire you. NO I AM NOT GETTING A JOB.

I want to kill her. I want to tell her to get the fuck out of my house and to never look back. I refuse to give her a penny. I haven’t kicked her out because I feel awful for the poor 2 year old. It’s not his fault and he’s settled here. I hate to make him leave and start again while they wait for Section 8. Because they said her Housing should be soon and anytime I kick her out she doesn’t leave anyways. It’s just frustrating. Super frustrating.

In the meantime her brother who turned 18 last June and was a June in high school for 2020 made over $20K working full-time as a cook. Even while in school and during COVID. Her 16 year old brother who works at the same hotel that doesn’t have a lot of hours right now just for a second job at subway to have extra money. So, he too will be working 16+ hours at the hotel and 16-24+ hours at Subway AND going to school full-time as a Junior AND on the honor roll.

Not their older sister tho – She will just be sitting here. Doing nothing. Alllllll damn day. Every day. Working 16 hours a week if she’s lucky. If I’m lucky. Taking her kid to daycare on the states dime and coming back home to do – NOTHING. They need to hurry up and take away her daycare assistance hours. Seriously. I asked why she was taking him today – I am NOT dealing with him all day. Yet you’re having another one? Why? Why? Why?

It’s my normal Thursday night out but I chose to stay home. Remember my husbands lectures that I go out too much and have issues. Which I may agree with. So I’ll stay home. (Plus it’s literally like -39F with the windchill and I’d just be coming home. Hell. No.). He gets off work and home. I’m sitting here. Trying to estimate taxes. After awhile he says, I never get any alone time there is ALWAYS someone in this house with me. Yeah, me too buddy, and I work from home. So literally I spend 24/7 with myself and these people in this house. He again tells me no alone time ever. I finally laugh and ask if he means me? I looked at him dead seriously and said – I’m fairly certain I am ONLY here because you told me I went out too much and threw a fit. I’ve been here for 6 nights. 6. Which you wanted. Not me. You wished for this. So I am sitting RIGHT here staring at the wall for the SIXTH night. – He went to bed. This was NOT my idea.

Honestly, I’d be home anyways with the cold and my acknowledgement that I do need to work on myself. But he’s ridiculous. He asked for this. It’s not too much fun now. Is it. We’ve got dinner reservations Saturday night at a place I love. He, of course, hates it andddd anywhere because it’s expensive. And he’d like to eat hot dogs. But if he’s so obsessed that I should do less things with others he’s going to have to compromise. So he can sit there and hate every second of my amazing prime rib. I’m excited. (Soon enough he will be begging me to leave.)

That’s my life. The same repetitive shit. I need to find the people who issue the Section 8 Vouchers AND BEG them to do the next round. She’s in the next round. Come on. Do it. Please. Please. Please. I have this feeling tho that funding is slow as everyone is doing legislature sessions right now. Basically, I will sell my soul if they’d send it today, tomorrow, yesterday. Actually – I’d pay for her to move out March 1st if I KNEW they’d kick in by April. I’m THAT desperate.

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2 weeks ago

Random reader here…


Maybe it’s time for rent to be charged?

2 weeks ago

Oh wow.  I have an adult son back at home now, too. Hugs.