Refinancing has begun

No emails with a Judge’s signature today. However, there is no reason she wouldn’t sign off so I’ve started the refinancing. They say it can take up to 90 days.

It’s freeing. Yet, depressing. If that makes any sense. Really, I hate talking on the phone so all the bank calls were exhausting. Having to explain and get quotes.

In the end, I stuck with my current mortgage company as they had the lowest interest rate and closing costs. I just so happen to also like them. She then emailed to tell me my credit is really high. But my debt to income ratio was slightly low and the underwriter would want something that shows I’ve got $6,500 in resources to cover 3-6 months if necessary. In the end they decided my retirement was sufficient. So I can continue on and not have to worry if I need to use my savings which is exactly enough.

It’s the stupid student loans that seem to have caused the debt issue. Ugh. Alex needs me to sign for the Parent Plus Loan for his college but now I don’t even know if I qualify if my debt is too high. And God knows his dad won’t be helping. I suppose I should Google this and see what’s out there for information. I can’t take out loans until my refinancing is over so I’m stuck. I wish his dad wasn’t such a loser and could sign. Hell, I’ll be working 4 jobs at this rate. I need to get all these random school and car loans paid off. Or Alex’s college paid for. Something. I have no idea. It’s like I’m bleeding money. Stupid college and education.

Find the positive. At least it’ll all be mine soon. My home. My car. My kids. My hard work. Nothing more, nothing less. In 30 years it’ll all be paid off and worth it. 30 more years of hard work. I was going to do it anyways. So why not.

If nothing else, I will never have to answer to an abusive asshole again. That alone makes my blood, swear and tears worth it.

Maybe I should start an OnlyFans account. My ex husband spends enough there I’d probably make decent money. I’m kidding. Kind of. Ha.

It’ll be fine. From this point onwards I’ll always be fine.

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