Stupid Cold, Last ones a Senior

I’ve have had a cold all week that is literally kicking my ass. I can’t wait for tomorrow at 5 p.m. to arrive and a 3 day weekend to sleep and recover. It’s been awful. The jerk 2 year old brought it home from daycare and was great enough to share with me and the newborn instantly. Must love all the swapped out germs.

Better this week than next though. My agency has finally announced we’re going back to real offices. Ugh. I have to be moved back into my office with a working computer by next Friday at 5. I’m not the least bit excited. It actually really sucks. I’ve been home for 7 months now and working very efficiently. Life and work have been far more efficient this way really. The most frustrating part is we aren’t allowed to see clients or allow anyone into offices until at least July. I work alone. Just an office space to myself. So, I really have to go back to an office alone for an entire month or more with ZERO purpose. It makes zero sense. Rumor has it, the purpose is they can’t single out those they don’t want at home anymore due to issues so they’ll just send everyone back. Pointless. But it is what it is. I get paid decent and will just go. (Though, it has opened my eyes to apply for future positions that are mainly remote.)

On a bright note, I just signed up for StitchFix and got my first box today. I’ll have some super cute clothes I need to refresh my wardrobe. Badly. Especially since it’s been over a year since I’ve had legit client meetings in person. So, at least I’ll look put together whenever I begin seeing humans again.

Today was the last day of school also. So, my youngest is officially a senior. One more year and I will have no kids in school. This has all went by too fast. It’s sad to think it’ll all be over in just a blink. I’m definitely not ready for an empty nest and was never meant to have one.

That’s something I’ll have to figure out when we get there though. Lots of ideas. Just not sure what I want to push for.

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