Big News, People! 💝

Gather around, my friends.  Here is the tale of my day.  Several months ago, I told Drew that Adina’s 40th was coming up, and that I wanted to do something special.  We try to do Disney and Universal every year for his birthday, so he suggested that we invite her along, since, as I’ve mentioned, they have the same birthday.  

So we setup that plan, and then a few months ago, his brother Kevin sent me a message that he was going to be joining us in Orlando to surprise Drew for his birthday.  

I hadn’t heard from Kevin until the 13th, and he was telling me he’d be showing up on the 14th.  I had no idea how to get everything arranged since he was coming in earlier than I’d expected, so I blabbed to Drew that Kevin was coming, but that he’d better act surprised.

The morning that Adina arrived, Kevin sent Drew a message that he’d upgraded to first class.  I was thinking, “That doofus is going to ruin his own surprise!”  

Then, this happened.:


So basically, we were keeping secrets from each other, until that moment in which he mumbles on the video.  What he’s saying is “this has all been a ruse.  Kevin and I have been planning this since forever.”  

I think you can hear the rest.  I cried.  It was everything I fantasized about.  💖💝🥰


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November 17, 2019

OMG!! I’m crying!! Congratulations!!!!

November 17, 2019

@teamarea Thank You!

November 17, 2019

Congratulations! I am beyond happy for you and such a perfect way and perfect place!

November 17, 2019


November 17, 2019

OMG….I am so so so very happy for you…..when is the big day and am I invited?

November 17, 2019

Congratulations! That’s fantastic

November 17, 2019

SWEET!!!!!!!! that’s is totally awesome!!! Congratulations to you both!!!! <3