The Good News is….

Drew made it home about 9:00 PM.  He had luggage and food he’d picked up on the way home with him so I flung the door open, as soon as I heard his alarm beep.  I gave him just enough time to pull in his two suitcases, and I took the food back, and then I clung to him like a sock to a towel fresh out of the dryer.  I didn’t even get mad that he didn’t bring me chocolate!  Now that’s true love!

The shitty news won’t surprise anyone who’s been following along.  The plumber never showed up.  But that’s not the plumber’s fault.  That’s the fault of the poorly trained people who run maintenance for invitation homes!  The guy who called me and told me he’d be here between 3 and 6, thought he was talking to someone who needed a water heater!  They had my phone number associated with the wrong work order!  So I was getting text updates all day long until 9:00, when he finally told me he couldn’t come and said he’d try to be here today, Saturday.  I said that’s fine, but please don’t come before noon, because I knew Drew would be sleeping late.  He said probably more like 3:00.  Perfect!

Well, in this midst of typing the previous paragraph, my property manager called to tell me that the company wants to come to my place, today.  I tried to explain that I knew this, and that we were scheduled for 3:00.  She said that I had been speaking with the technician, yesterday, and that it was the manager who wanted to speak with me, today.  Now they can’t get here until 6:00 PM on a Saturday!  The first Saturday evening that Drew is home with me in a month.  Sorry, no.  How about Sunday?  Well, we don’t work on Sunday.  Yeah, that’s what they told me on Friday about Saturday.  Well, how about Monday?  So now we’re scheduled Monday between 12 and 2, “But that’s no guarantee that we’ll be there right at that time.”   So it’s not even Monday and they’re already making excuses for not being here on time!  I swear, I’m not making this up!

The other good news is that by the time Drew got home, the blockage had cleared itself.  The bubbles still come up in the toilet, so I intend to harass them until someone comes to run a snake, if not a camera to find what’s causing the blockage.

The dogs are fed.  My meds are taken.  I think I’m going to go back to bed for a while.

Oh, but before I go, I have an idea for my next Tattoo.  I want to have the names of my pets inscribed in a heart shape on one of my triceps: Jedi, Mary, Kitty, Magnum, Sweetness, Parfait, Katie-Mama, Chunk, Opie, Despereaux, Handsome.  Anyone know how to produce that image?


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August 10, 2019

I take it you have birds, cats and dogs?  I think the names for these pets are really original and cute.

August 10, 2019

That will be a whopper tattoo!

August 10, 2019

Maybe do some kind of a writing that goes into the shape of a heart and spirals…if that makes sense at all.

Glad drew is home and you get a Saturday night with him.

Plumbers will be plumbers


August 10, 2019

Good luck with figuring out how to get your pets name made into a tattoo. I’m sure it will be cute whatever you decide.

That’s really annoying about the plumber. I’m glad that the blockage cleared itself, though.

Yay for Drew being home!

August 10, 2019

If I still had photoshop, I could probably design it for you. Are these the names of all the animals you’ve ever had or the ones that are still with you? That’s a lot of animals.

I’m glad Drew is home and I hope you guys enjoy your time together.

Sounds like this management company has everything running smoothly.