The Gospel of Jesus’ Life

Drew and I are watching a show on Smithsonian Channel called Secrets. This week’s episode is about a fragment of papyrus referred to as The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife. Of course, there are those who immediately came out to dispute the authenticity of the fragment because we are to believe that Jesus was celibate.

We started talking about our beliefs and how religion can be used to manipulate people. And I told him the story of my youth pastor who once told me that when you have sex with someone, a piece of your soul detaches and attaches to your partner.

After thinking about the absurdity of that, it dawned on me that I’ve created dozens of Horcruxes in my life! No wonder I didn’t die last year!😆

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December 14, 2018

I think it’s weird that we are led to believe that Jesus was “celibate.” It would have been weird for him to not have taken a wife by the age he was crucified.

December 15, 2018

I wonder if there is a way one can prove that one of our partners  is really a part of us now?  And to prove if Jesus was celibate?

January 7, 2019

being a deist mininster i have some “backwards” idea’s about jesus

January 8, 2019

@kermitallica, I doubt you could tell me anything any more shocking than what I’ve learned through my own investigation.  I’d love to hear your backward ideas.  I’m always interested to hear what others believe.
Most “Christians” would not consider me a Christian.  Fortunately, I don’t answer to them.