Finding a Diary Circle

A Diary Circle is a homepage for people to post entries about a particular subject, like Relationships or Gratitude. To go to page that lists all Diary Circles, first click your image in the upper right of the screen to display the main site menu.

On the menu click the option for Circles. This will take you to the Diary Circles page.

On this page, you will see list of all the current Circles on the site. The list includes information such as the Circle Title, a description, entry and member counts, and a button to either join or leave the circle.

You can also search for words or phrases in any Circle using the search box in the upper right of the Circles page.

To go to a particular Circle, click on the name of the Circle.

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April 12, 2018

Hi there,

I came to the Help page to see if it was possible for members to create new circles. Although I don’t necessarily think this would be a good feature (there would be wayyy too many random circles!), I do feel that the current circles are a little limited.

You might find this site helpful if you have plans to create more groups: Here is a snapshot of the original OD website, showing the circles that attracted the most members. Depression, Surveys, Love & Passion, Advice Wanted and Abuse Survivors were among the most popular groups, and it would be nice to see them here too.


April 13, 2018

@lizzy_1 thanks for that! We actually have the original list of circles and are working off of those as we add ones – there are more to come!

April 15, 2018

@opendiaryhelp Great, thanks!