Your diary front page

To go to the front page of your diary, click the main menu dropdown that is in the upper right of the screen:

On the menu, click on “Diary”.

This will take you to the front page of your diary.

On the front page of your diary, you will see:

  1. Your personal description.
  2. Your latest entry, with the title and first paragraph of text, plus the feature image if you included one.
  3. A list of your most recent entries after the latest entry.
  4. A “Search Entries” area, which lets you select a year and month of entries that you want to look at.
  5. A list of any Chapters that you have in your diary.

From this page, you can navigate to any page in your diary by clicking on the titles of the entries.

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January 30, 2018

Would be nice to have arrows to go back through pages of entries, instead of having to select a specific month/year.

January 31, 2018

@zoguivogel yes, we are working on some better entry navigation for past dates, you should see that added in the future. Thanks!

April 4, 2018

Hi I wanted to cancel my membership on this diary and I couldn’t find the link on my profile where it says cancel membership. Why? Also when I first signed up for this account it showed my address on my intro page why? How do I get rid of it?

April 5, 2018

@itsjustmarina if you go to Profile on the main menu, and then click Membership, there is a link there to cancel.

To change your profile text, you can go to Profile on the main menu, and then click Settings, then Personal – there is the description there you can change.