Day # 28 – Why Does Everything Have To Be About Sex?

I’ve gotten a couple responses to my CL posting for an in home care giver and they were both from women (other than women in their 60’s – sorry, that’s not going to work) who were flirting with me hard. Once I told them strait up that I’m going through a divorce and am not looking for a relationship of any type (I even mentioned this in my CL posting), they stop texting me. It seems like this world revolves around sex. Why? There is absolutely no way I am going to fool around with another girl, regardless of how hot she is. I don’t want that. I’m still true to N in my heart. Don’t people take the time to read the ads I post? Or do they simply look at the picture and read the first line that states “single man”? Maybe I should change that to “man going through a divorce” so that they know right off the bat that I’m not looking for a hook up. I mean seriously, last night’s text started out by saying “Hi <my name> hun.” In response, I asked who this was. I didn’t recognize the number, and very few people have ever called me that. No, it was just another girl thinking she can use sex or something for free room and board. No thanks.

I’m a married man. Period. Even if the court divorces me, I’m still married in the eyes of the Lord! I will not commit fornication and I will not commit adulatory. I have absolutely no desire for another woman. No, I’m not “hating” women, I just desire only one. When I gave my marriage vows, I meant every word. It makes no difference to me if she has changed her mind, I made that vow before God. I will not renege on it. Heck, I haven’t even thought of sex since this whole thing began and the thought of having sex with another woman seriously makes me sick to my stomach!

Why does it always have to be about sex? I guess that’s just the world. I am not part of this world. I’m just traveling through to my eternal home.

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November 18, 2021

Because even though society tries to make life more meaningful, we are all just animals who’s primary purpose is to find a mate and get it on so we can pass our DNA on… that’s it… our body’s are just vessels to pass on our code.    Not what most people want to hear though…

November 18, 2021

@psychoactive gotta be honest, I disagree with that on so many levels. We are not animals.