Day #29 – Sleepy Head

Well, as the title says, I spent most of the day sleeping. For some reason, I’ve been really tired today. It could be that I’m recovering from the visit with my dad. I was a little bit (ok, a lot) more energetic than I usually am and I think I’m paying for it. My body is telling me that I need to rest up and recharge.

It wasn’t until 9 tonight that I put the first coat of polyurethane on. I just finished putting on the second coat now. I think two is going to be fine. I’m really bummed about the splotch mark around N’s name. It’s because I am using crappy furniture wood that is mostly particle board topped with a coating. When I sanded away that painting mistake, it revealed the particle board underneath. But still, it doesn’t look too bad. It’s not my best work, but it’s going to be attached on the outside of my house away from the street. So hopefully no one will really notice anyway. I wish I had better wood to work with or at least a table saw where I could mill my own boards.

Tonight I’m really missing N for some reason. Well, I know the reason, I just don’t know why it’s so strong tonight. Maybe it’s because I just finished up the sign and all I have to do now is let it dry before hanging it. I’m hoping that by tomorrow evening it’ll be dry enough to do so.

I miss her hugs, her kisses, her touch and her voice. I miss the smell of her hair and brushing it. I miss her smile and I miss her laugh. I miss looking into her eyes and every sunset reminds me of the night I proposed to  her.

Sighs. I have to stop living in the past. I just wish she’d come back. Oh well. Back to life as it is.

Love you N.

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