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When I’m walking on any kind of pavement or sidewalk, I tend to look down as often as up to the sky, or straight ahead. The main reason for looking down is habit and caution, since all the sidewalks in this tree-filled area where I live have are chopped up and raised by tree roots. Perfect for stumbling and falling to the pavement, as has happened to me twice. So I’m very careful. This habit is a good one when walking through fields on grassy areas of parks where I always manage to find something interesting to photograph on the ground.

Back to my walk on hard concrete around the perimeter of our small park’s lake. Monday of this week was gray and dismal, and had been all day. My mood was not the best. But all of a sudden some colorful sidewalk chalk art in various colors popped out at me with its own smile, which are me smile. I suppose most people in their childhoods have drawn things in chalk on sidewalks. What I discovered from some unknown artist this week really cheered me up and brightened the rest of my day. I call it “Happy Sidewalk Art.” Thank you, whoever it was who created this. I love the peace symbol.

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March 19, 2021

I was walking down the aisle behind the cash registers at Walmart looking at my work tablet when I felt and looked down to see a boy, about 7 or 8, hugging me. His mother came out from the line, pulled him away, and said, “I’m sorry,” and I said, “No, it’s okay.” I wasn’t in bad spirits, just going about my job, but, for some reason, that hug stayed with me for the rest of the day. I have no idea of the child’s motivation or whether he confused me with someone else, but that little act brightened my day and remains with me.

4 weeks ago

@solovoice That’s a really nice story.