Photo tour of gardens

There is nothing quite so beautiful as our gardens at the height of Spring bloom.  Here in Charleston, an old and historic city of countless carefully tended ornamental gardens, that peak is now.  The last of the azaleas are fading and the trees are just about fully leafed out now.  Everything in Nature is so green and lush and vibrant.  The new green of the leaves everywhere complete the transformation from bare and stark winter to the season of rebirth.  Nature’s cycles have moved into to my favorite time of year.

As is my custom, whenever I am out walking, I have a camera with me.  Early last week on two afternoons near sunset, on days that were partially or fully overcast, I took photos of gardens and flowers in what turned out to be near perfect light conditions.   Since I’m never up early in the mornings, late afternoon is when I take all my pictures because of the light conditions.   With an iPhone camera, direct sunlight completely ruins photos.   The angle of the sun has to be low or the sky has to be overcast to get the right saturation of light.  My pictures last week reflect both hose conditions.  I will especially enjoy looking at them when the heat of summer will soon enough make them still beautiful with summer’s flowers, but less inviting to spend time in as compared to now.
Charleston Garden Tour, April 2021
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April 11, 2021


April 11, 2021

@moonshinemollie  (((😌)))

April 11, 2021

Wow, everything there is so beautiful! Here, we have to FORCE everything to grow, and it’s not nearly so lush.

April 12, 2021

@startingover_1  I am very fortunate to be able to take pictures each Spring of all this beauty!