one goes away and the other one comes back to me

Dear diary, how are you?

I feel like shit and it’s only 2PM.
Today I went to say bye to the one man I love the most on the face of the earth (although I’m not gay, I love him as a brother, we grew up together), cuz he decided to move 700Km away and now I have no fucking clue on what I have to feel like and I swear to god if this day gets any worse I’ll just start laughing.

On an unrelated note; my ex decided to text me a “I miss you” and fuck you in particular Selene, I’m trying to move on from you, so if you may not write the same day I go “I’ll see you again” with my homie i’d be fucking grateful.

So I don’t know, what’s more to come today? A kick in the dick?

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January 16, 2021