There’s a first time for everything.

So, apparently I have a few people that actually read this kinda stuff, unexpected, welp the more the merrier i guess.
Anyway, sup diary? I haven’t checked in in a while.
I’ve spent the last few days eating like a swine, hadn’t done that since last christmas, now I gotta wait for one more year to experience a full belly and an empty plate.
From now on will be a full plate and an half empty belly, as usual.

Anyway, I managed to take a few *weeks* off my work by… how do i put it…
Ah yes, spitting the fucking truth about the last year and a half in which I single handedly took care of six’s people workload on me.

Tbh they didn’t force it on me, and I like the job, keeping inventory, dealing with the clients and guests, fixing stuff, but still, since I got into the upper echeleons of the staff on july 2019, I didn’t have a minute of pause, causing several arguments with my gf, and almost ending the relationship cuz she was feeling put on the side.

So yesterday, while I was doing everybody’s job, and dealing with the inventory, I was joking with a guy in the staff, which I’ll call “Alex” for short.
So, in our spare time we play League Of Legends together, an online game, and I was poking fun at him, and he took it personally, really personally.
Claming that I sucked at the game in a very serious tone, then I had him noticed that unlike him, I had stopped playing everyday since 2018, unlike him that spends hours on the game everyday of his life, so of course my skill level would have dropped a lot, in a calm voice, not wanting to argue, I just wanted to finish the inventory and go take a cup of tea at the vending machine or something.

Then he goes “My god what’s up with you, you’re always on edge lately”.
Something snapped completely in me, I don’t know what it was, perhaps I was overworked, perhaps it’s the culmination of a shitty year, perhaps the dream I had of my ex the night before, or perhaps it was how much I miss my gf, or a sum of the total.

So I went straight to the director’s room, dropped my badge and said “I’m quitting, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, I had enough of working my ass out for y’all, I’ll drop by every now and then to see how quickly this place falls to pieces” and left.
The director was a bit baffled by my outburst.

In all truth, I never wanted to leave, since I like the place, I am in good terms with our clients and guests, but I was talking on the wave of anger.

After a while the director calls me and asks for explanations, which I gave him, when I finished speaking said something like “Well, there’s nothing that I can say about is, everything you said **is** true, and we’ll probably close if you don’t keep the others in check”.
So we came to an agreement, in the last 18 months I had 30ish days of vacations I never used, and since during christmas days we have less costumers (covid is also giving us quite a problem on that regard), so now i’m going to use those 30 days of vacation, and get back to work on January the 26th.

And I’m happy about it, I like what I do, and I like doing it, I like most of the stuff, me and the director have a really nice work relationship, we’re almost like friends (i’m a secretary of sort, so I help him out with the papers and such), so it’s a nice place, I just needed a break, and then I can go back and be “big bro” of the stuff.

And most importantly, i’m staying for our costumers, and for  a kid in particular, which I came to understands, after a year of being a regular costumer, has begun to see me as a big brother of sort, I teach him english, I listen to his problems, and try to advice him the best I can.

Due to the contract I’ve signed I legally can’t name the structure I work in, also I haven’t spoken nicely of the stuff in this entry, so it would be a poor publicity of my work place.

But we are a sort of resort/residence/B&B, where people come to chill and stuff, there’s a Karaoke room, a bar and stuff.
We got a room for guest, but most of them just come to chill for half a day, spend some cash on drinks, karaoke, lottery.

But since i’m me and I cannot stay without doing stuff, I’m gonna finish doing the inventory this afternoon and then start my vacation (but probably I’ll help out down the line, since I’m  a moron appareanlty).


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You totally kick arse. Not many people would be gutsy enough to do that. “Alex” should get a life.

December 27, 2020

@zombieinfusedtea Thanks, but I’m not so gutsy, I feel a bit of guilt right now, if I had a problem with how things were, I should have said it sooner, and not burst out like a maniac like that.

My habit of bottling up problem ’till I pop like a balloon has brought me several problems along the years, mostly with my GF.
I really need to work on that.

Also I doubt this could have worked out so well if me and the director weren’t this close as we are.