#totw85 – If I could relive one event in my life

It would be the day I got close to my ex for the first time.

For Her sake, I wish it had never happened.
I’m sorry it had to go the way it did.
I know you loved me, and I hope you know you’re still a ghost in the back of my mind, but never I ever did was meant to hurt you, or to make you suffer my dear.
I wanted to be your friend, I never wanted to be your lover, but it happened, and it spiraled out of control, and when finally I was able to see the situation more clearly, it was too late.
You were in love with me, and I loved you back with every fiber of my body.
But it wasn’t meant to be.
It wasn’t made to last, you and me were too different, I had (and mostly still have) a stick up my ass, and you wanted more people to stick it into your ass.

I’m sorry it ended up this way, I’m sorry I made you cry when I left you, I’m sorry if you resent me for leaving you, but we wanted different things.

If you’re ever to return, i’d love to be your friend.

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