Winter Solstice

What to say, what to say in this day that’s shorter than yesterday.

Nothing much actually, I just came to thee, my precious diary, to say hi.
I’m in a relatively good mood tbh, nothing special, my ex came to mind today, which saddens me a bit, but overall, seems to be a fine day, up until now, this afternoon I’ll have to work, and teach English to a kid.
I Organized a christmas themed lesson, I’ll have him write something down, perhaps a short test regarding his christmas wishes, and/or what he truly desiders, other than toys and games.

Then I’ll have him talk about his day/week, depending on how quickly he speaks, then I’ll stall for a while and leave five minutes later, compliment the kid in front of his parents so that they become flattered on how good and smart the kid is (and he actually is rather good at English, he just needs a little push), and full of pride for their little genius, they will give me my 10 euros and sent me home hoping to see me again next week, while whishing me a merry christmas.

If everything has gone according to plan, the kid will have honed his English skills (but not too much, and not too quickly, or I’ll lose my job, as it happened before), the parents will be flattered, I won’t be too tired, and with 10 more euros in my wall, and I’ll have made mom and dad proud too, which is something I don’t struggle that much, but it’s always nice to see them happy, isn’t it?.

My mom and dad, peculiar people, one day I want to strangle them with my bare hands, and the next I’m trying to make them happy, or perhaps I’m the peculiar one in all this mess called life.
They’re not too knowledgable, but they’re not stupid, all the contrary, they are both rather smart, but didn’t study, mom stopped going to school when she was 10 or 13, can’t remember, and dad until he was 17.
Then they started working, and almost 50 years have passed, and they worked since.
I wish they worked less, I wish they were a bit more present in my younger years, now I’m 22 and I realize they know absolutely nothing about me, or my interests, Dad doesn’t even know what I like and don’t like to eat, which it shouldn’t be hard since i’m extremely picky.

Llong story short, I do not eat almost any form of vegetable/fruit, I can’t even stand the small of many of those things, or the consistency, or the taste, (or lack of it), indeeed this makes it rather hard for me to fill my stomach, so I constantly coexist with a feeling of hunger, because if I were to fill my stomach with the things I like I would be a damn barrel rolling about, instead of walking like a normal person.
This doesn’t mean I’m underweight, I sit at a confortable 190 cm x 93-95 kilos (I haven’t checked in a while, and I won’t any time soon, since it’s christmas time and i’m eating a bit more sweets, and a bit more overall).

I reeeeeeeally went on a tangent there, didn’t I?
Yeah well, I doubt that anyone is going to read this anyway, but if for someone got throught all this rumbling about teaching, my daddy and mommy issues, and my struggle with my belly fat, I wish thee a good day, hoping that I used “thee” in the correct manner.

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I struggle with my weight too. I’m wayyyyy too hefty, 181lbs for a 5’0 woman?? Yeah…

December 26, 2020

I’m pretty sure you can get your ideal body shape if you put yourself to it.
Is it easy? nop. But nothing worth achieving was ever easy, and you’ll be proud of yourself once you become your ideal self.

Keep it up girl

December 27, 2020

@zombieinfusedtea where are you from. how are you

December 27, 2020

@zombieinfusedtea you’re welcome

@heather4hillrichs I am from Newmarket Canada and I’m 👍

@ozymandias it’s nice to have a buddy 😃

December 27, 2020

@zombieinfusedtea it’s a hard year for everyone, we gotta stick together

January 3, 2021

@zombieinfusedtea  same.. do you have number to chat?