good as dead

I hate this I hate me I had anouther fight with anouther friend (stepth) on friday (oh yea I hate her also)the worst part of it was’nt however the fight which was bad she nicked my stuff and was threating to sell it so I tryied after asking several times to give it bck I tryed (again this was my seconed attempt to take it bck. I ended up hitting her arm to get it bck off her. then I left she followed and proceeded again to theating me (while trying to hit me). I eventully kicked her which I missed then hit her. in the face bruiseing her eye. then I left I think she did to. I walked home. and worst part of this was I forgot my bag with all my college work in it inculding the practical work.  tiday I went bck to town of course I stupidly agreed to meet liam who I knew would lead me into a trap but stupid trusting me thought better of him than that so he did lead me into the waiting arms of stepth and her friend pete luckly they decided to keep trying to kick me in the nuts and yea I avoided most of those by blocking and it does hurt but not alot  as most people think.

 the worst injury was hit to the jaw pete gave me I did’nt fight bck by the way since that would of ended up nasty. and still the worst part of it was that the whole purpose of me going into town to find my bag failed- someone’s nicked it so its very likely my entire education is screwed now.

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i hope everything works out 🙂