today was boring, it went by without incident which I should be thankfull I should be doing maths coursework right now re-doing it cos of my lost bag but It feels to much effort I’ll proberly work bettter nearer the deadline I seem to work better under pressure (not peer pressure or direct presssure then I just become rebellious). 

the work at college most of it is to easy for me- which is a first I’m not brillent at it I’ve just done it before.  

This evening I went to pizza hut I meant to go with someone but that person could’nt come (and yet she organized the thing). So I went with femi (who I had invited anyway) it was quite uncomfatable (two boys going into pizza hut togeather not too embassing) though it was still fun (it was also the first time I’ve seen him since that incident). its been a depressing week so far nothing really good has happened to contradict last week and yea valantines day on saturday which isn’t going to be a happy day.        

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