End of a day

This is as much a Keep-alive post as anything.

I’ve a respiratory infection, or cold, or flu, or something. I was home from work today, and slept for most of it. Thus I am journaling at 5 til midnight. It’s very hard to sleep when you’ve slept most of the day.

Not to much profound this evening. Sickness tends to bring my horizon-scanning thousand mile stare down to mere feet. My world shrinks, especially when my sinuses are messed up.

I’ve had profound moments lately. But nowhere to write. Often I find I am avoiding the profound; I’m old enough now to realize no great benefit to expanding the amount of unanswered questions for myself and others. I realize my hubris as I write that, but I’m feeling too lazy to recant and retype. *grin*

Maybe there’s some profundity after all.

I’m listening to DroneZone from SomaFM via iTunes; very hypnotic. I’m feeling rather like reading at the moment, in no small part due to the typos I’ve been generating and correcting just in the past 3 sentences. I’m in the last half of “Dragonfly in Amber”, an interesting pseudo-historical fantasy time-travel drama set in 1750’s Scotland. Very well written, very engaging. Very adult from time-to-time, just as fair warning. I think I’ll skip over to the Celtic channel before picking up the book.


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April 19, 2010