Still here.

Things chewing on my time:

– web project for a client

– web project for CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

– …CERT. I’m now one of the Leadership team by default. I’m helping to write a Constitution for the group, and hope to have “real” representative elections in January. In the meantime, Emergency Management keeps contacting me along with one other member for day-to-day kinds of things.

– preparations for What Is To Come. The current significant date is January 22. Food, water, fuel, and K103 are the current focus.

– New Bible study/small group. That’s quite nice.

– Finishing the door into the garage. I have the new framing done and hung, the door up. Now I need to sand the door and paint it, plus paint the frame. Then I can foam around it and put the trim back on. I’m taking measurments and putting together a budget for remodeling the whole utility room…that will be the next big project.

– My truck broke down. I’m driving a loaner from a friend. Need to get the new engine into mine soon. Maybe over Christmas. (need to beat the Jan 22 date…)

– Along with the long list of women who are my friends but nothing more, I appear to be adding one more. This is nice, because she at least reciprocates the friendship, but in just one week I’ve helped her move and spent two C-notes on fixing her car. Hmm…

– Work. Work is a five-letter-expletive. My boss does not know how to manage or lead, and its destroying morale and putting the whole company at risk (to some degree). I continue to have hope for a change.

For all of that, I have little time to write. But I think about it, and y’all often enough. So I had to drop by tonight and say, “Howdie!”

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November 4, 2008

Howdie right back at you. Glad to hear things are going ok. Just make sure the new female friend isn’t taking advantage of you…

November 5, 2008

It’s good to see you. *HUGS*

it’s been far too long …. ***HUGS*** and again ***HUGS*** I didn’t realise how much I missed our coffee table till I sat here reading with you tonight. Its good to see you my friend. ***HUGS***